The Moms Behind Be Mom Strong- Emma


Hey strong mamas!  Emma here today… sharing my fitness journey so that hopefully you will jump in our community and start/continue yours with us!

If you’ve watched the corny video I put together on Youtube, you already know a little.  But why not give you more?

Like my old-school gymnastics picture?


Or my college team picture- more sparkles, more 10.0’s clearly.


Next came my fitness degrees.


My company


My old blog


Which is where I “ran into” Caitlin. “” because we met through the blog world.  Yes, mom I met her online.  But we had the same vision and went with it.

I am not going to lie to you, I’ve always been fit.  I’ve always wanted to work out and I always have.  If you want to shoot me now, go for it.  But there’s a reason for that.

My parents

I grew up knowing that from 5-6 PM my dad was going to be killin it on the stationary bike upstairs.  I grew up knowing that we had vegetables with every meal (well maybe not breakfast).  I grew up knowing that sweets were occasional indulgences, not a part of everyday life.

So now that I am grown up, sort of, these principles just naturally make up my life.

Why not pave this path for your child?  Why not set them up for a healthy life NOW?

I am certainly trying to do that for my daughter, Gentry.  But, I am also trying to teach her a healthy healthy.  Does that make sense?

AKA skinny does not equate healthy.  Self-love equal healthy in my eyes.

And by self-love, I mean loving your body and what came from it (your children) enough to treat it like the temple it is.

Excited to be your companion as we (say it with a gansta swag)

Be Mom Strong together!


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