Caitlin…5 things you might not know about me!

Five things about me that you might not have known…

1. I rode a scooter 39 weeks pregnant. I crashed. I got induced. Had Brooklyn.

Then put under to get my shattered elbow pinned together.


Stupid Me. Yes I know.

2. I met my husband through Facebook. (we both went to Virginia Tech)
We have lived in 3 different states over our 3 years of marriage. AHH
Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina

3. In highschool my mom and I use to not get along AT ALL… and now we are best friends

4. I hate cats. Ok sorry hate is a mean word, so I will go with dislike. It doesn’t help that I am allergic to them.

5. I use to think running a mile was SOOO LONG.

I still think “How did I run a marathon?” I do have a goal to run ONE MORE MARATHON in my life, but that is going to be POST having kids. I do not want to get into marathon shape and then lose it again due to pregnancy.

Thats it!

5 things about me you might not have known!

Question: How many places have you lived since college?
I moved to DC for work, back to VA, then Indiana, Back to VA, now in North Carolina
I graduated in 08…so yea I have moved ALLOT

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