Lemon Water…why you want to drink it!


I use lemon water as a replacement for plain water, as I find it hard to drink JUST WATER all day long.

The benefits that lemon water provides you is pretty amazing.

Life is all about forming habits to lead to a healhier more sustainable lifestyle. Before switching over to lemon water, I use to drink sweetened water. AKA Bug Juice (my family called it). Anything OTHER THAN WATER I reached for. I pretty much trained my body to DISLIKE natural water.

I knew I had to do something. I STOPPED COLD TURKEY. I stopped buying the powder/sweetened flavor!

The first 2 weeks were hard. I found myself actually CRAVING sweetened water.

The ONE and ONLY thing that helped me was LEMON WATER. I put a good amount of lemon juice into water and it did the trick.

Top Reasons to Drink LEMON WATER.

1. Immune Function – stimulates brain and nerve function.

2. Balances PH – helps level out acidity levels in the body

3. Clear Skin- YAYYY a natural way to get rid of pimples and wrinkles.

4. Promote Healing- Asorbic acid found in lemons is found to promote wound healing and is an essential nutritent for maintaining healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage . (cited from this article)

5. Weight Loss…lemon helps fight hunger cravings.

6. Top Diuretic. Helps kill bloat and get rid of toxins.

and to top it all of it is a NATURAL way to get in your water!

What do you think about lemon water?


Lemon Water Source

The perfect and easiest way to get it in is to drink it in the morning with 1/2 fresh lemon squueezed into a glass of water.

But lets be real here…when I REALLY treat myself I go get my Lemonaide from Chik fila. Best lemonade hands down! I limit myself to only get it on RARE occasions or after a LONG RUN 🙂

Whats your FAVORITE drink?


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