Playground Workout

To all of those parents out there who say “I don’t have time to workout, or “I can’t drive to the gym with the kids.” Now you have no excuse! This is a workout you can do on the playground while your kids are getting exercise as well! Now that is a win-win situation right there.

Warmup by running or walking for 5 minutes with the stroller.

Park the stroller and get ready!

WORKOUT – Two rounds
Up/Downs (10 on each leg) find the highest step you can. step ups

10 Pull Ups (if you can’t do a pull up, just pull up and hold 10 seconds for an isometric movement … two times)

Bulgarian Lunge (10 repetitions on each leg) Drop down so the front thigh is parallel to the ground.

Side Plank with a Side Leg Raise (Raise leg up and pulse 10 times on both sides.)

Push Ups (10 full push ups then drop and hold for 10 seconds – ISO)

Squats with Shoulder Press (Aquat while holding baby and optional push baby up as you come up from squat.) 10 repetitions

Go through this whole routine two times. Stretch – make sure to hold each stretch at least 20 seconds

Then GO PLAY on the playground!

If you have any questions on the workout or moves just leave a comment.
No excuses moms! There is always a way to get in a workout! Enjoy!


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