Stretching…the ins and outs!

Took the dog for a quick run this morning and came back to get a good stretch in.
Alot of people do not take the time to stretch when what they really don’t realize is that there is a HUGE benefit to stretching post workout (run, cycling, lifting, ect. )

You are better off cutting your workout 5 min. short to stretch than to take that 5 min extra onto your workout!

Benefits include:

– Flexibility

-Range of Motion


-Pain relief

-Relaxation and stress reducer

-Posture improvement

Here are my top 4 stretches that I do DAILY…well I at least try to do it daily

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds (breathe and relax into each pose)

Runners Lunge – Hip flexors
(make sure hands are on the inside on foot)


Pigeon Stretch – IT band stretch (crucial for runners!)
(the more flexible you are the further out your foot i from your body)


Quad Stretch – straight from pigeon reach back and grab foot
(more flexible can rise hips, if not keep hips on the ground and reach for any part of the leg)


Hamstring and hip twist
place one hand in the center between legs and twist to open opposite hand straight above you.
-repeat on both sides


Those are my 4 favorite stretches and it only takes 5 minutes. It takes time to get into the routine of stretching but you will see HUGE benefits pretty quickly if you stick to it!
I use to not stretch at all and then when I started running more often I became so tight in my hips and hamstrings. I ventured into a class called bodyflow (yoga, pilates, tai chi). I was sold. Now I NEED to stretch or else my muscles tighten up fast. I have seen a major improvement in my flexibility over the years and now I can do full splits every way and trust me years ago you would never think it were possible.

Give it time and commit to 5 min of stretching a day, you will thank me in the end!

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