Healthy Books for Kids

I LOVE children’s literature.  In fact, if I could have dinner with anyone, it would probably be Patricia Polacco (if you have an elementary-aged kid and don’t know her, change that).  Being a certified reading specialist and former teacher, books are a major part of my life.  They are also a great way to introduce topics and spike interest in your kids.

This book is quite odd.  It’s a little disturbing, but I think it is written completely on a kid-level.

It basically says unless you eat vegetables your body parts will become disconnected.  No joke.  But, I promise it does it in a light-hearted, only kids can find amusing way.  The moral of the story, eat your vegetables and your body will function the way it’s supposed to, simple enough.

I loved reading this book to my class just to see the reaction followed by the AHA moment.  At snack or lunchtime, I noticed my students would bring in  their “vegetable glue” and be so proud of it.  If it takes a little bit off the wall book to make that happen, I’m down with it.

I encourage you to check this out, or even buy it through Amazon ($9 used).

See what kind of vegetable glue you can start baking in your house!

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies?

How do you get yourself to eat your veggies?


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