Welcome to Be Mom Strong- Officially

Hello world!

Welcome to the official launching party of Be Mom Strong.  We know it’s New Years Day and you did all of your partying last night, but you have some left in you to continue today, right?!

Caitlin and I wanted to take a second to introduce ourselves, although many of you know us from our previous blogs.  And, we wanted to tell you about our awesome program that you can get FOR FREE, as well as a giveaway from Moving Comfort.

So much to say.

Let’s start off with a little Q & A



Where were you born?  Richmond, VA

Where was your daughter born?  Gentry was born at the same place, same hospital!

Typical Day?  4:50AM alarm, followed by water and a workout.  A shower, breakfast and getting up the little one by 7:30AM.  Watching “The Chica Show” in order to get Gentry to eat anything.  Running errands or teaching cycling classes until lunch (because we HAVE to get out of the house).  Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger and frozen veggies and a 1-3PM nap (yes, I usually nap with her or stalk blogs- no housework EVER).  Some OUTSIDE afternoon activity or else we go stir crazy.  Dinner by 6PM, bed by 9PM… ok maybe 8PM.

Weakness?  Kashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies or Maggiano’s Chocolate Cake

Random Fact?  I drink hot water.  All the time, every season.  Used to be a tea girl, but then got too cheap to buy the bags.

Fitness Moment Most Proud Of:  Finally earning my sub 1:30 half marathon (1:28:00!)

Mom Moment Most Ashamed Of:  First night home, Gentry screamed for 2 hours straight.  We fed her, we held her, we rocked her, we basically did everything but give her the kitchen sink.  2.5 hours later, we found the culprit… a poopy diaper… how did we not smell this earlier?!



Where were you born?  Pittsburgh, PA

Where was your daughter born?  Radford, VA

Typical Day?  Wake up when Brooklyn does and drink coffee first thing. Go for a run or walk, run errands or house things, then teach in the afternoon and come home make dinner and get Brooklyn in the bath and story time before sleep! Then I finally relax and prepare for the next day

Weakness?  I supposedly have add and can’t sit still for very long

Random Fact?  I was induced with my first daughter Brooklyn because I fell off a scooter 39 weeks pregnant and shattered my elbow. Delivered and then went into surgery the next day…eventful time of my life to say the least!

Fitness Moment Most Proud Of:  Running a marathon. I want to run one more in my life but now with another baby on the way I don’t know when that will happen!

Mom Moment Most Ashamed Of:  Taking shortcuts to get things done instead of explaining how….parents probably know what I mean !

What’s Be Mom Strong?

We wanted to start an online gym community for moms, and really all women.  Each week you’ll get

Two full-length workouts– MomStrong Mondays and FitMama Friday
One family health lesson plan– A family workout or literature with activities
Nutrition Challenges with recipes- Moms know that even the best made plans fall through.  That’s why we aren’t giving you strict meal plans.  Instead, each week we give you a nutrition challenge with recipes to add something to each of your meals
Pre/Postnatal information– information about maintaining and achieving a healthy pregnancy and beyond
Exclusive discounts on products– special codes for discounted gear we love
Be Mom Strong Community Facebook Group– where you can connect with Emma, Caitlin and other women daily to ask questions, express concerns or just vent
Challenges with prizes– fun fitness or health challenges to keep you motivated
Mommy entertainment– constant blog posts on the highly entertaining lives of Emma, Caitlin and their toddlers 😉
Each workout will be under 30 minutes but HIGHLY effective.  Moms don’t waste time.  Recipes will be simple, quick and uncomplicated.  Caitlin and I are nowhere near gourmet chefs so we will keep it REAL real.
So whether you want to workout before the kids wake up, during nap time OR you just need some direction in the gym, bring us along on your computer, iPhone, iPad, wherever you can access Youtube.
But I’m not a mom
That still works, as long as you don’t mind a little mom talk every now and then.
So how do you join?  Good question.  In order to keep this service FREE, please click on each social media link below and follow/like/subscribe if you can.  If you aren’t connected to us, you won’t get the free workouts and recipes.

 instagram Follow on Bloglovin Not connected to social media?  Get an email every time we post: Subscribe

And should you ever miss a post (shame you on) our Be Mom Strong website is available to browse past posts by topic.

CONTEST?!  Moving Comfort is an awesome company for women that sell all sorts of athletic apparel, but specialize in bras.  They have so kindly offered to let us give away…


Enter the Rafflecopter below to win.  Winner will be announced January 12th!

Excited for this journey and hope you will join us.  PLEASE give us constant feedback, good AND bad, so we can cater this to YOUR NEEDS!

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32 thoughts on “Welcome to Be Mom Strong- Officially

  1. Tess says:

    Congratulations!!! I would like to know some time saving tips on how to take work out wear from the gym to errands without looking and smelling awful!

  2. Angela says:

    Looking forward to following & getting great ideas for my family & fitness fun! I would like to know what you think is the one exercise or exercise activity from which you get the most “bang for your buck”.

  3. Erica @ erica finds says:

    Good luck with the new business! I am not a mom, but I love to read about how to recover from a setback or how to make new goals after achieving your goals (like finishing a marathon or meeting a time goal)

  4. funfitgirl says:

    congrats on getting your new site up! It looks great. maybe a post about how to fit in a workout in your busy mom schedule or how to find energy for that workout! I know my sister who is a mom of 3 would like that post.

  5. Erika S. says:

    Excited for you Emma (and Caitlin too)! Looking forward to following you ladies! I’m going on week 8 of being sidelined from running from a pulled hamstring…what would be some good cross training exercises to prevent this from happening again? I also like the questions above about post-workout snacks. Thanks girls!!

    • bemomstrong says:

      Yikes that’s no fun. Have you tried core and arm work, as well as strengthening your other leg muscles? Stronger rest of the body can help prevent that. Also yoga and Pilates!

  6. Jenny Whitaker says:

    I would love if you would include “pregnancy modifications” in your workouts each week. That would be SUPER helpful – it’s the one thing I can’t seem to find anywhere – how to find a modified workout that I can use during pregnancy.

    • bemomstrong says:

      Jenny- you got it. Caitlin will be in charge of that on our Monday MomStrong workouts. Basically you can still do any and everything that your body will let you, just not laying on your back past 4 months. When are you due?

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