10 weeks – pregnancy update : Caitlin

Finally I can see the second trimester coming….

How far along? 10 weeks

Baby’s size? Prune, about 1.2-1.4 inches

Total weight gain/loss: haven’t weighed myself but probably still in the negative due to nausea constantly. I mostly only eat a real meal at lunch and then by dinner time my stomach is not up for much food 😦

Stretch marks? Nope. I plan on using Bio Oil, as I used it with my 1st pregnancy and didn’t get any! I use it right after I shower and it soaks up right into your skin and feels great. Hoping it helps again!

Sleep: Still great! Usually sleep 11-12 hours right now. It is one of the only things that makes my stomach feel at ease!!

Best moment this week: Working out and teaching classes again! I had to cancel two last week because I was extremely sick and couldn’t keep anything down. I have gotten a stronger prescription for zofran (nausea medicine) which has helped immensely with feeling like poo!

Miss Anything? Being able to cook without feeling queasy. I start to make food and just the smell of it makes my stomach churn 😦

Movement: not yet but the stomach is def showing a pouch this week! It’s no joke when they say you show quicker with the 2nd!

Food cravings: Salt. Anything salty let me have it. Also I have been pretty into meat, so I am just going with it. Pickles, canned green beans, and plain salted tortilla chips have hit the spot this week. Oh yes and tomato soup!

Anything making you queasy or sick: anything too sweet, GUM (I’m a gum addict too) haven’t chewed it since week 5! Oatmeal, can’t even think about it!

Gender: Will find out at 18 weeks but for some reason I think it’s a boy. Only because my appetite is so different from my 1st with Brooklyn. I would be soo happy with another girl though 🙂

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Extremely sore after working out. Might be because I actually pushed myself this week haha! Lower Back ache and obviously the constant nausea and tiredness.

Belly Button in or out? In but I know that won’t last long!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Looking forward to: SECOND TRIMESTER and not having to take medicine to get through the day without being sick! I want to feel normal again!!
Next appointment is next week too!

When did your nausea go away?
With Brooklyn it went away about 13 weeks
Do you have a guess…boy or girl??

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6 thoughts on “10 weeks – pregnancy update : Caitlin

  1. Betsy says:

    Your comment box is really tough to find!!
    Sounds like you are getting into the most comfortable part of pregnancy. I always loved when I had the little bump but it wasn’t hugely uncomfortable!

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