Family Workout & The Ironman was even struggling…

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 Since we gave you a health chart for your kids Tuesday, grab them!  Or your husband/dog/neighbor… whoever.  Make post dinner TV watching time this workout tonight!


Taken from my old blog 😉

Kids love contests so that should really get them going.  Just don’t let them beat you!

Tomorrow I have a pretty intense glute workout for you.  It’s 22 minutes but it’s going to leave that lower body burning (and stronger)!  Just for fun, I taped Justin trying it out yesterday.  He has been doing my glute workouts in an attempt to make him a stronger Ironman on the bike.  So not only will you Be Mom Strong after this workout, but stronger than him… because he stopped after 10 minutes.

Ok he wanted me to add that he did ride the bike for an hour before doing this and he had to go to work.  He did not have any comment on his outfit though… ???


Come back tomorrow for the real deal!  And, stay warm until then.  I’m tired of seeing Youtube videos of hot water being thrown on people to demonstrate the bitter cold.  We get it.  It’s freakin’ chilly out!

PS- If you want to comment, just click the gray speech bubble with the + in it in the lower right hand side of this post.  Who thought that was an easily accessible and recognizable comment icon?!

Do you ever workout with your kids?

What’s the last workout you did that left you unable to walk?

How are you coping with these temps?


9 thoughts on “Family Workout & The Ironman was even struggling…

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    Ha ha ha!!! I love how you’re yelling at your hubs to “get down lower!” So awesome. Just BEING with my kids is usually a workout but yes, we do go to a local indoor facility and run, kick balls, etc. and we swim! This first week of “real” half-marathon training plus teaching my regular classes is leaving me almost unable to walk! I’m so sore….but it’s all good.

  2. Change of Pace says:

    I love/hate to work my glutes, so I’m excited for your workout!
    When I hang out with my niece, she wants me to chase her the entire time, or ride me like a horse. Although not a traditional workout, I always need breaks and leave there tired!

    • bemomstrong says:

      Yay Betsy! Working out with kids can be tricky but invite them to copy you. You’re their idol so why wouldn’t they. Chasing them around or having them ride bikes while you run is also a great workout.

  3. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    I’m trying to reincorporate strength training back into my routine, and I did a Spartan workout yesterday that has my quads, glutes, and arms screaming today! Love the burn!! I’ll definitely check out your FB group. And BOGO on Sturdy Girl Sports. AWESOME!!

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