FitMama Friday 2

Hey guys!  It’s Emma today…. We made it through the week!  Anyone ever find January the most BLAH month?  You’re coming off such a holiday/egg nog/ cheesy casserole high only to stumble into leftovers and the returns line at Target.

I wish I had a solution for you, but I’m still searching.

But, the good news is that it is finally…

and Gentry is even getting in the mood.


Note- this is improper form for a plank.  I’ll work with her before next Friday.

Mom side note- this chick crawls on EVERYTHING.  Nothing is off limits- chairs, tables, cars.  Anything she can swing that right leg over.  I think I may be investing in one of these.

Tell me this was photoshopped, or Gentry might have some competition!

Today I’m sharing the infamous glute workout.  It’s a 4 x 4 routine.  Basically, 4 of the first exercise immediately followed by 4 of the second for 1 minute.

Please please please let me know if you did this by commenting below (hit the gray speech bubble to the lower right of this post) or comment on the Youtube video itself.  WE NEED FEEDBACK to know what you want!

PS- Our Moving Comfort giveaway ends Sunday so enter again below!

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How do you make January sunny?

Do your kids ever mock/copy your workout?

What’s one gene you’ve passed onto your kids that you wish you hadn’t?  Mine would be this climbing epidemic!


7 thoughts on “FitMama Friday 2

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I hope my comments are showing up? When I hit the “post” button they disappear!? Anyway – I’m trying my best with January but the snow keeps on coming!!!! How am I supposed to run 10 miles in this mess??
    My kids ALWAYS try to mock any kind of workout I’m doing and have made it into 70% of my online videos! I guess it’s good but…
    I don’t have time to do this glute buster right now but you bet your a** I will be back to do it and comment. Happy Friday!

  2. Danielle says:

    Sorry, January is just not sunny. . .

    My kids like to do yoga with me. But the one day I was doing a HIIT workout in the morning, and they were cracking me up so bad I had to pause it.

    My chin, it’s horrible and all 3 have it. . .poor kids!

    I did the 4×4 on Thursday night. And I loved it! Planning on doing it tonight too!

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