Bring Be Mom Strong to your town & A Winner

I started thinking… this is Emma BTW…

Online videos are great.  But people need buddies to workout.

So, this Saturday I’m inviting forcing a bunch of girls in my neighborhood to meet me in our neighborhood for the first ever BE MOM STRONG PLAYGROUND.  Basically, we are meeting at the playground to dump kids off in a gated area (a TALL, gated area, kind of like Alcatraz) so we can get a 30ish minute workout in.  It’s free of charge and I’m going to start hosting it every Saturday.

I want to show that working out
1) Doesn’t have to cost much money… or any money
2) That it CAN be fun (at least some parts of it)
3) can be done outside in January temps (dress warmly please)
So how do you bring it to your town?  Well I’d love to start an epidemic of ladies/moms getting together and doing mini workouts Saturday mornings.  Kind of like meeting up to go on a run.  I’ll supply the workout, you just gather a bunch of girls and help lead it.
Who is willing to BE a Mom Strong Captain?
Here’s the deal.
1) Watch the video I provide you with each Tuesday.  Here is this week’s workout:
2) Gather the equipment (I’ll make sure next week’s is equipment free, but fun props make it more fun)
3) Tell your ladies when/where to meet
Wishful thinking…
4) Take a picture or… even better… a video and send it to
5) Every captain that participates will receive some kind of surprise Be Mom Strong token of appreciation (to be determined).
6) ONE lucky participant will receive THE FIRST Be Mom Strong tank or t-shirt, and a SweatyBand so you look super official and super cute for your next Be Mom Strong Playground!
You will have the remaining weeks in January, as well as the entire month of February to submit your entries.  Multiple submissions result in multiple entries for the prize!
Start thinking about where you can do this with your ladies.  I will post our video from this Saturday on the blog next week to give you an idea of how it runs.
Now get our there and make your community Be Mom Strong!  Whether they want to or not!
PS- If you live in my area, please message me for specific details if you haven’t already.  Or email
Can’t wait to see these submissions!
Maria O.
Congratulations Maria!  You and your Bunch of Monkeys 😉 need to send an email to to claim your prize!
Where could you host a Be Mom Strong Playground?
What treat could you bring to the workout to entice your friends to come?
The comment button is the gray speech bubble underneath each post.


20 thoughts on “Bring Be Mom Strong to your town & A Winner

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I love the idea of this and have wanted to do something in my ‘hood for a while now. The issue is we don’t have an Alcatraz to lock our kids in! 🙂 I’ll think about other options and participate if I can. I really think this is awesome!!

  2. Marie Oliveira says:

    This is such a great idea! I had a thought about doing something like this and splitting the moms up. Half would do a short workout while the other half watched the kids and then switch.

    And YAY about winning! Thank you!!!

  3. Change of Pace says:

    This is a brilliant idea, and I love that you’re supplying the workout!
    We have a huge field by our house, and for years I’ve said I want to run after work bootcamps in it. Somebody beat me to the punch last year! It’s great to see active people in it when I run by or walk with Harold!

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