How to get through the winter blues!

I am very ready for winter to be over and spring to be here! But sadly we still have a couple months or so until that happens.

I just might be one of those people who gets down in the winter because of the lack of sunlight and fresh air that my body does NOT get. It’s a real thing people! SAD disorder .

The other huge downfall about winter is the dreaded cold and sickness that it carries and seems to always catch us some way or another!

Here are my top ways to get THROUGH WINTER!

1. Find healthy comfort foods that satisfy you.

my favorites: oatmeal, pumpkin soufflé, egg/veggie omelette, vegetarian chili, veggie soup…

2. Find classes at your gym to take or bundle and buddy up to go running outside!

Yoga is the perfect way to relax your mind and body and Sunday evening yoga is the perfect eay to end the weekend.

Take your kids to the indoor pool and you both will get to enjoy it, and there just might be a hot tub there to relax in as well 🙂


3. Get your workouts done in the morning so that when it is cold and dark outside you can snuggle up on the couch!

Although sometimes brisk night walks are worth it when you are all bundled up! This was the sky the other night!


4. Find house projects you want to do or crafts you can do when you are “bored”.

Pinterest .

5. Get out of the house. Go to the mall just to walk, go read at Barnes and noble, or go to the local coffee shop with a friend.

I find it helpful to just get out of the house in the winter so I don’t feel boggled down at home.

6. Go volunteer somewhere to help others and make the most of your free time! Shelters, the food pantry, retirement homes, hospitals, churches, the list goes on! All local cities and towns should have resources available. This seemed to have great information.

. Lastly, make sure to get in your vitamins, especially vitamin c! Our family has had runny noses but hopefully we can try to catch the cold before by taking emergen-c and airborne type products!

Thank you for all the support for Emma and her family. There is a Facebook group for Meg’s miles for a community run this Saturday! Join here!


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