Annoying Cuteness & Yellow Goodness

Virtual hugs to all those that shared, commented, prayed or even just thought about Meg.

If you haven’t seen on social media, the Saturday tribute run to her is spreading like wildfire.  Tuesday morning there were 1,000 people dedicating their runs to her this weekend.  As of yesterday afternoon, there were 46,000+.  Some people ask why bad things happen, maybe for that very reason.


Question… what’s the average shelf-life of things your kids do going from cute to annoying?


This was all cute and everything 3 weeks ago, but now Gentry WON’T STOP scaling the table.

And, yes, I’m in denial that Christmas season is over.  Isn’t everyone?


This week is dubbed the Yellow Jersey Week- which means we want you to try to add a yellow food to as many meals as you can.  And by yellow we don’t mean potato chips people.

Yellow goodies include:

I typed in yellow royalty-free image and this is what came up.  Thought I’d share.

yellow apples, apricots, corn, yellow beets, yellow and acorn squash, yellow peppers, pineapples, yellow tomatoes, lemons, bananas… the list goes on.

Here is my personal favorite YELLOW recipe involving acorn squash.


1 acorn squash per person

2 tbsp of brown sugar per squash

2 tbsp of coconut oil per squash

How To:

Preheat the oven to 400F

Cut acorn squash in half from stem to end (they’re MUCH easier than their friend butternut) and scoop out inside yuck (seeds, etc.)

Coat each inside with melted coconut oil and place upside down on a non stick dish.

Coat each outside with melted coconut oil as well.

Bake in oven for 20 minutes

Remove squash, flip over and add sprinkles of brown sugar and coconut oil if needed.

Bake in oven for another 10-20.

Justin and I use an ice cream scoop to get all the inside goodness out.  And then we use the ice cream scoop for something non-yellow immediately following.

Just tell your kids it’s candy Acorn?!

There’s sugar in there 😉


 Wanted to send you a code for Easy Canvas Prints.  They were so gracious to let me order a free 8 x 10 canvas print of my favorite picture of Justin and Gentry


The good news… they are giving Be Mom Strong readers a 50% discount HERE.  If you’ve ever wanted a print done, NOW IS THE TIME!  Easy Canvas Prints also has other options for more custom prints at and, should you be interested. 


And finally (had a lot to catch up on) Caitlin will be posting a full-length workout video tomorrow for your viewing pleasure!  Don’t forget to check into becoming a Be Mom Strong captain and lead women in your area to get fit!


What’s your favorite yellow food?  Potato chips and candy corn can be included.

How do you get toddlers to sit in a high chair and eat like a respectable young lady?!

7 thoughts on “Annoying Cuteness & Yellow Goodness

  1. Karen Bondi says:

    Ohhh I love many yellow fruits/veggies. Lemon ( a must in water!), bananas (one every morning), yellow corn (in the summer…yum). The list keeps going…
    I am in denial that Christmas is over too! I just took down our stocking this week 🙂

  2. jessielovestorun says:

    Woo Hoo! I’m so happy you got your canvas. Such a sweet photo of your two hunnies. I really like the idea of yellow this week. So far today ive had a banana, lemon, yellow bell peppers, and eggs (the yolk). I’d say I’m good 🙂

  3. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    Guess what my fabulous toddler started doing this week? Jumping out of her crib! Guess it’s time for a big girl bed. I was hoping we had a few more months of blissful containment. We have to strap her down in a booster seat at the table or she’s on top of it too. Good times!

  4. Danielle says:

    Yellow I guess is banana or corn. In fact that’s probably all the yellow foods I eat.

    My 16mo old sits but doesn’t eat hardly. She is a food thrower. Which was cute at first and then turned annoying and is now ridiculously frustrating.

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