This Weekend’s BMS Playground

Wow.  We have been MIA.  My apologies.  Caitlin has a busted computer and I have been teaching entirely too many classes.  I can barely walk.

And since when did VA decide to become a breeding ground for penguins?  I’m used to wearing layers because I’m forever cold.  But this morning I had on 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 3 jackets and gloves.  I can’t afford this polar vortex much longer.

Gentry didn’t even really get to enjoy the snow either since I feared her face would freeze in whichever position first hit the cold, but here is last year’s snow picture…


See… not such a flattering face to be stuck with for several hours.

Anyone get a chance to do Monday’s arm workout?  How cute is this picture one of my friends (and readers) sent in of her son punching away…


If he can do it, so can you so hop over and give it a try if you haven’t already.

Hopefully this weekend some of you out there are thinking about planning a BMS Playground!  If so, here is what my mamas are going to do.  Each strength circuit is with a buddy and is 1 minute long followed by 1 minute of the cardio exercise listed underneath it.  Repeat the circuit two or three times depending on your schedule.  We plan to walk/run 1-2 miles after so we will only be doing it once.

Warm up for 5 minutes with a jog, arm swings, baby squats, etc.


And if you need a visual of these exercises…

On a scale of 1-most adorable thing ever, how cute is my mini workout buddy?

How are you staying warm in this polar vortex?  We can’t even enjoy the snow because it’s 15 out!!

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6 thoughts on “This Weekend’s BMS Playground

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I am also NOT enjoying this repeat vortex! I hate that the boys can’t even play outside!? Useless snow. It had better warm-up for the weekend runs I have planned!! Hope you get some feeling back in your legs and LOVE the pic of the little boy punching away – so awesome!

  2. Ilene Evans says:

    I know! I’m in NC and it is brrrrr down here too right now! I need to get back t o circuit workouts. More high intensity stuff. If I try the above, I will report back to you for sure!

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