Ready for Summer Bodies? & Video Overload

With this polar vortex everyone is currently courting I thought why not think summer?

Every late winter/early spring I hear women all around say

I have GOT to get ready for bikini (does anyone actually still wear those?) / tank top / short weather.

Here are my thoughts…

1.  Do you mean you have to get ready to be judged by people in your skimpier outfits?  If so, take Gentry’s advice…

dance like no one is watching.

I’m a HUGE advocate for being healthy, but healthy is VERY different than skinny.

If you exercise at least 30 minutes, three times a week, eat healthy a majority of your meals (PS- healthy does not mean bland, just REAL food) and splurge at least once a week, than you ARE healthy.

Congrats!  Now just keep it up!


If you aren’t, that’s where Caitlin and I come in!

Now is the perfect time to get HEALTHY (not skinny) for the summer months when you will most likely be lounging by the pool sipping cocktails all day… that’s got to be somebody’s life that’s reading this right?!

This is why I think it’s PERFECT TIMING for you to become an inspiration to your girlfriends and start a BMS Playground.  Be a captain (and receive these cool prizes).  I’m also throwing in earrings from Monkees of Richmond to one lucky BMS Captain.  You don’t have to be a mom, you just have to be a girl that wants to get others HEALTHY.

I have had one submission so far from my beloved Erika, so get it going ladies.  You have the entire month of February to just try it ONCE.

Thursday I will give you your workout.  Just grab your girls and do it sometime over the weekend.  Take pictures or video tape and send it to us!

I mean look at how much fun we had in my garage last weekend 😉

If you don’t have a group of buddies, just subscribe to our Youtube Channel and get yourself healthy for SUMMER ’14.  Maybe you’ll find some friends sipping drinks by the pool this summer to join you in the fall 😉

Don’t forget to enter our Salba giveaway!

What is your biggest fear about summer bodies?  

What’s holding you back from inspiring yourself or others?

Who taught Gentry how to dance that way?  I’m going with Justin

5 thoughts on “Ready for Summer Bodies? & Video Overload

  1. Abby says:

    Ha- I love Gentry’s butt wiggles! So cute!
    My biggest fear of bikini season is my love handles! No matter what I do, I swear they’re always there. I’ve just gotten smarter about the bottoms I wear 🙂

  2. vitatrain4life says:

    How I wish it was summer already! Bring on the bikini!!…well maybe just bring on the SUN! I love the video of Gentry and all the mamas working it in the garage. Awesome!

  3. Erika S. says:

    Woohoo! First David gets a shout out and now me?! Feeling so lucky! I just tacked on the BMS playground workout to the end of our group run. The planning was easy (thanks to Emma providing the exercises), the actual workout was fun, challenging and entertaining all at the same time! While I wouldn’t mind the prize 😉, I encourage others to initiate a BMS playground too!!

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