Welcome Allie & A Winner!

Today we have an awesome guest post and KICKBOXING video from the one and only Allie of Vita Train 4 Life.  Get to know all about her HERE.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and love of sweat today Allie!

What does it mean to “Be Mom Strong?”  I’m sure we all have different definitions but Emma and Caitlin are the embodiment of Strong Moms and they love to spread the sweat…err, um wealth!  From playground fitness (wanna be a captain?) to running for Meg’s Miles (Emma is her cousin) these two ladies do it all, with toddlers in tow.  In fact, Emma just announced she’s having baby number two!  These ladies love to post great workout videos and asked me to play along.  How could I refuse?


Before I was a mom, I was a personal trainer.  I trained a lot of moms.  I thought I understood them because I had young cousins or because some of my friends had kids but, of course, you have no clue what it means to be a mom until you become one!  I also remember giving advice to guilt stricken moms who would drop their kids at daycare, work all day, and then put them in the gym daycare so they could get in a workout.  “Don’t feel guilty!”  I said.  “You’re a better mom when you get some time to do something for yourself.”  Did I mean what I said?  Absolutely.  Did I have any idea how hard it was for these moms?  Not one bit.

Now I know.  I know all to well how hard it is to train when you have newborn twins and then toddler twins.  It’s hard.  Period.  But, the truth is I am  a better mom when I workout.  I do deserve time to take care of myself.  So, what do I like to do for fun?  Cardio Kickboxing!  I’m happy to say I recovered the “lost” ten minutes of my video and I’m sharing it with all the Be Mom Strong ladies today.  Stop over and give them some love, maybe join their free online gym and then get ready to sweat like only a mama with limited time can!  Enjoy…

 How fun is Allie?

Do you ever kickbox?

Are you making your friends sweat tomorrow with our BMS Playground?

If you’d like to contribute a video or have a suggestion for a workout we would LOVE to hear/have it!

And our Salba winner is….

Meg Roach! We will contact you! Congrats!


18 thoughts on “Welcome Allie & A Winner!

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I’m so happy to be here today! Thank you so much for having me and promoting MOM STRONG to all moms! You guys are so motivating and really “get” how hard it is to be a mom and stay strong!

  2. The Dose of Reality says:

    Isn’t it funny how many things are a little different than we thought before we had kids? Taking a class from Allie is on my ultimate bucket list because SHE IS AWESOME, but getting to see this video will have to hold me over until I can get there in person. (And I’m pretty sure I was burning calories just watching her. I’m counting that as my morning cardio!) –Lisa

  3. Janine Huldie says:

    Totally had no idea what it would be like to be the mom to two girls only 16 months apart, but you are right we need that me time whenever and wherever we an get it, especially to workout. Love your kickboxing videos and totally going to check this one out, too. Thanks Allie 🙂

  4. megroach says:

    Oh yeah I won!! I will have to check out the kickboxing video, I have taken one Turbo Kick class and realized I am not all that coordinated but I still try! I have Turbo Fire at home and can barely make it through a class but I keep working on it. I much prefer running and short whole body workouts!

  5. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    Allie is da bomb! Love seeing her here today, and I totally need to try this workout. Kickboxing classes intimidate me – I’m not very coordinated, honestly, it’s amazing I can run without tripping or falling flat on my face – but if I do this in the privacy of my home, no one will see me flounder!

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