Giveaway Time!

Yep!  If you’ve never had one of these, now is YOUR CHANCE.

Kidding, kind of.  Ever heard of the latest health food craze CHIA?

What is Chia

Chia is the ultimate Superfood. Yes, it’s small, but don’t doubt its power; it earned the name ‘runner’s food’ by powering the Tarahumara Indians on their legendary long-distance runs. Before that, it fueled Aztec Warriors in battle and Aztec Messengers on their cross-empire journeys.

One Bag of Chia
equals 10 lbs of salmon and their Omega-3 goodness, 3 lbs of tofu and their protein goodness, 4 lbs of oatmeal and their fiber goodness and 15 lbs of broccoli and their magnesium goodness.
Why are you NOT eating it?
These pictures and stats were taken directly from Health Warrior’s website, who is supplying this giveaway.
Health Warrior is located in my hometown and I was fortunate enough to meet the guys.  Picture Mad Men new-age office… cool cats, cool location, coolest office ever and coolest product ever.
Here is a quote from their website about how chia bars came to be…

We started eating Chia every day, on everything. Suddenly we were working out harder, lifting heavier, feeling stronger, and running farther, faster.

With that, Health Warrior was born.

I stumbled upon these little guys in Whole Foods one day and thought it would be a great on the go snack for Miss Gentry.

Then I started stealing hers, and Justin started stealing mine, and Macon always steals everything…

With that, Health Warrior Chia Bars were born again in my household.  I mean, it’s taught Gentry how to read…


But flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, what’s the difference?  This article breaks down how chia is the ultimate winner in the “seed” category.  Whereas all are great additions to your diet, chia seems to be the most bang for your buck.

The downside… the price.  Chia bars are NOT cheap.  But, they are worth the invest in your health AND two lucky winners could win a bag full of bars to try out!

Thanks to the person’s blog I borrowed this image from.  I am currently sitting at the computer about to fall asleep from pregnancy exhaustion!

So, enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!  Winners will be announced Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


26 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. jessielovestorun says:

    Gentry is just too cute for words. I’m so excited to see how she’ll be a big sister – fabulous I’m sure xoxo

    I’d love to try the chocolate pb – esp right now w/ the sweet tooth I have going on. LOL

  2. Christy Sandefur says:

    I don’t know much about these so I would love to try them! I know the kids would love them too, and they would be eating something good for you! Sounds like a great quick snack, which we really could use around here :).

  3. BreannaS says:

    I think the peanut butter chocolate and the coffee both sound wonderful. Gentry is soo cute I love when you post her pics.

  4. Dawn G says:

    Love to try these, been interested in trying Chia seeds for a while, but the overall price has kept me from it!!
    Why do so many giveaways have to include Twitter though (not just yours) booo, I don’t do twitter. 🙂

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