Almond Crusted Chicken… YUCK & BMS Playground 4!

So Caitlin and I have been slacking on the recipe posts.  To be honest, we haven’t been able to cook/look at anything but canned chicken and frozen pizza.

But, I’m pretending like these sound good at the moment because they are a great alternative to fried chicken nuggets for the kiddos…

Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers

    • 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast
    • 2 beaten eggs
    • 1 cup almond meal
    • 1 tsp salt and pepper
    • 1 tsp garlic powder
    • 1 tsp onion powder
    • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a bowl, mix the almond meal with the salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper.
  3. Slice the chicken breast pieces into 1-2″ wide strips, cutting them evenly as possible.
  4. Heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil in a pan.
  5. Dip each chicken tender into the egg, coating each side and then coat evenly with the almond meal mixture.
  6. Cook in the pan for 4-5 minutes a side. When the first batch of chicken is cooked, add the other tablespoon of oil to the pan and cook the remaining chicken tenders.
  7. When the tenders are cooked, remove and place on a cookie sheet.
  8. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes until the tenders are cooked through.

Worth a shot if you have picky eaters (like myself).

Speaking of picky eaters, can I rant for a second?  


This is the only way my child will eat sitting down- watching Elmo or Dora the Explorer.  The pediatrician scolded me and said to remove all forms of stimulation.  I’m sorry, but who has time for that?  Actually eat or go pour yourself 20 glasses of wine/sparkling cider because you just can’t take it anymore?

If your child is 18 months old and sits perfectly at the table/Panera/fancy restaurant, I don’t want to hear it.  Instead I want to hear of all the “go against the pediatrician” moms out there to back me up.  Please and thank you.


In an attempt to get anyone to try a workout with your friends this weekend TO WIN COOL PRIZES this weekend’s workout requires zero equipment and less than 15 minutes.  It’s a fitness test that we really should’ve done the very first Playground Workout.  Just grab a timer and some friends:

1 minute each and 30 second break in between



Squats to touch the ground

Jumping Jacks

Have your moms write down their numbers (how many of each they complete in a minute) and try this test again in a month or more.  If you want to see if they can maintain those numbers, have them try this circuit 2 or 3 times.

Now doesn’t this seem like something you can whip out before cocktails Saturday night and snap a picture to enter our contest?!

Don’t forget to enter our Health Warrior Chia Bar Giveaway HERE!

What healthy alternatives do you use for your kid’s comfort foods?

How do you entertain your child during meals?

What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten from the pediatrician?


11 thoughts on “Almond Crusted Chicken… YUCK & BMS Playground 4!

  1. Hope H says:

    We always have the iPad or iPhone with us when we go out to eat. I’m okay with letting my kids watch a show if it means I can eat my food while it is still hot. 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    I found a surprisingly good recipe for a sweet potato hash with edamame, sweet onion, corn, and ham. My kids ate (at least part of) it. Let me know if you’d like it…

  3. megroach says:

    The fact that I can make homemade chicken nuggets or fingers that they eat is comfort enough for me. Its still better then always having store bought ones.
    When it has been an extremely rough day at work for me and we get home from work late, dinner in front of the TV works for us, I mean they pay less attention to what they are eating and will most likey eat it. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to fight about dinner.

  4. vitatrain4life says:

    That chicken may actually be a winner over here, plus it’s super easy to make! As for the doc? You are in the trenches as a mom and I always say you have to do what works for YOU! My pediatrician never had twins. In fact, her daughter is 30+ years old, so what may have worked for her 20+ years ago, does not work for me. I’m so ok with lying to her. Keep doing what works!

  5. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    That chicken recipe sounds like a winner! And even though you didn’t ask, here’s some advice from an experienced mom, “A mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do.” Whatever works for you to get G to stay seated and eat without making it a huge ordeal is the route to take.

  6. Danielle says:

    17 months old over here and hardly ever eats. I’ve tried everything. she does eat when she’s hungry, but a lot if food ends up on the floor in the inbetween times. I’m pretty sure she’s the reason our dog is fat.

    We rarely go out with the kids, especially to a sit down place. At home we just sit and eat. Sometimes at breakfast I turn on cartoons, mostly because I like to wake up to quiet. I usually let her graze for lunch rather than sitting and eating something- cheese sticks, applesauce tubes, yogurt tubes, raisins, chicken pieces, rolled up ham or turkey. She seems to eat more this way than sitting in her chair and eating- unless it’s Mac & cheese, she’ll eat that all day long!

    Worst advice from my ped? Not so much bad advice as one completely insane comment and one condescending comment. Couple instances come to mind… First, when my son was about 18 months or so, my husband took him for his check up and mentioned something about his one eye, I don’t even remember what now, but the dr told my husband said, oh we need to get him into a pediatric ophthalmologist ASAP! Hubby says, I’m actually an optometrist, I will keep an eye on it- I just wanted you to know I had noticed whatever it was. Dr goes on to say, no that’s not good enough, essentially my husband was worthless as a dr because he wasn’t an md (mds only have respect for mds, it’s pretty common in his field actually). That was the last time we saw that guy. The new dr has been fantastic, more than I can even say- pretty much a you do it your way, I’ll make sure they’re healthy kind of guy. But with the new baby, at 9 months we mentioned she wasn’t sleeping through the night and he said babies don’t need to eat at night after 4 months. I don’t disagree some don’t, sure, but my sweet girl still at 9 months was nursing every 2 hours during the day and a lot at night but was still very slim, fine weight gain, but way down on the weight chart so I didn’t feel that night weaning would lead to anything more than a lot of sadness for her and possibly not adequate weight gain. So even tho I wish every day she sleeps through the night, here I am still at 17 months nursing her at night. At her 12 month appointment he said I could continue to nurse as long as I wanted, but then at 15 months said I didn’t need to anymore. Oh? The aap still recommends until 2, right? And besides, what happened to as long as I wanted?

    Sorry for the book! I’m pretty passionate about nursing, but also about doing what I feel is right for MY kids 🙂

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