FitMama Friday & A Winner!

It’s FRIDAY!  Which means, after my 11:30AM cycle class I get TWO days off!  Which also means I need to get down to business with my NYC Half training.  In case you didn’t follow my previous blog, I qualified for it at the Richmond Half Marathon…


 literally Day 1 of my current pregnancy.  And they took my money before I could even pee on the stick to prove it.

I ran 8 miles last weekend, but I need to make it to 11 before I feel comfortable.  That’s no rule, just my warped thinking.  Setting no time goal for this race, just aiming to cross the finish line!  More on this next week, pending my run this weekend…

This is the reason I qualified at the Richmond Half… trying to get away from Justin shouting my name.

I’ll eventually get to the workout video, but first the MNBChallenge for Lorna Jane Active…

By tweeting and insta-ing every day the month of February you could win $1000 worth of Lorna Jane Activewear.  I won’t be able to fit in it for about a year, but $1000 of just about anything works for me right about now.

And I’m pretty sure my belly could fit in this tank.

If you haven’t checked out their goodies, don’t go to this site or you’ll buy absolutely everything there.

I warned you.

Ok… video time.  Enter a full body fast tabata.  Don’t let it scare you, just go for it!

Ok… winner time.  We will contact you about getting you your goodies ladies!  Congrats!

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Ever signed up too early for a race and couldn’t do it?

How far were you able to run during your pregnancy?  0.0 miles is a totally acceptable answer

What are you doing this weekend?  Nothing fun here so let me live vicariously through you.


14 thoughts on “FitMama Friday & A Winner!

  1. Megan (The Lyons' Share) says:

    LOVE your “fast tabata” concept … I often feel that the 10 second rest every 20 seconds leaves me resting too often, so this is a great solution! Bookmarked it to try soon. I think your plan for the NYC Half is great … just take it as easy as possible, and listen to your body – I’m sure you’ll be just fine! Most importantly, enjoy it!

  2. Erika S. says:

    I’ve been hearing about these tabata workouts so I need to try yours out. I ran half marathons when pregnant with both my boys. I wore a shirt that said “You’ve just been passed by a pregnant lady” on the back. It made for some entertaining comments throughout the race. I bet your prego half marathon will still be faster than my non-prego run!

  3. NeverEverBeenSkinny says:

    Don’t you just love the #mnbchallenge . I am having so much fun with challenge! I do love that shirt as well. Picked out the same thing ^_~. This weekend I actually am doing a Hot Yoga over at Lorna Jane at the Culver City Mall, I can’t wait!

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