Olympics 2030, Pregnancy Update and Arm Pump Video

Did I tell you I was a gymnast?

(Taken from my old blog)

Yes, I had the Blue Steel look of a champion at the ripe age of 7.

Well, Gentry had her first gymnastics lesson last week.  She was the youngest and the least likely to follow directions BUT the most likely to run to the opposite side of the gym at any given moment.  At least she had that going for her.


This is the only picture I was able to snag because I was either chasing her around the gym or forcing her little limbs into gymnast-esque positions.


This girl has a future 😉 #olympics2030

Pregnancy Update

The bump is definitely not shrinking.  I had my first “oh you popped” comment this week.  The beginning of your pregnancy, you’re in that “did she just eat too many pieces of pizza this weekend or is she preggo” phase.  Well, I think I’ve finally graduated to the “she’s pregnant” phase and can stop wearing mu-mu’s around and just embrace the bump.

Weeks: 12

Size of baby: Avocado (yum)



Hence my popping so early
and just yesterday I made an awesome chicken salad, which of course included
1) My FRESH canned chicken I’m currently drooling over
2) 1 smashed avocado
3) chopped cherry tomatoes
4) dill pickles (I guess I just need an ice cream fix and I’ll be a pure preggo)
5) Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper salad dressing
I had it for lunch, and dinner, and maybe even breakfast, lunch and dinner today.
Weird things: I’ve started with the crazy vivid dreaming.  The other night my cousin and I (who is also pregnant) were living in our grandparents’ house that was filled with ghosts.  The sad thing is when I woke up and Justin was already at the gym working out, I really thought there were some in our bedroom!
Working out: Teaching 5-6 cycling classes a week, as well as BMS Playground, 2 strength circuits a week and 2 runs a week.  I do have the NYC Half in 1 month so I guess I should run more than 3 miles.
Things done in prep for baby #2: Nothing yet.  I am looking for a full-sozed bed for Gentry because I’d like to have her fully settled in her new room by this June.  All these options- another crib, a toddler bed, a kid bed, a real person bed???
Should’ve thought of that option pre-Gentry!
What did you do about the bedding situation once baby #2 came around?
Complete 180, but I have an arm pump video for you today.  Grab some dumbbells, or anything roughly 4-10 lbs and get it going.  Please, please, please give us feedback on Youtube about our videos so we know how to cater them to you!  If you haven’t subscribed yet, do it HERE and you’ll get an email when we upload them twice a week.
Do your children play the same sport you did growing up?
Best pregnancy dream you’ve ever had?
2nd child bed advice?

13 thoughts on “Olympics 2030, Pregnancy Update and Arm Pump Video

  1. Jenn says:

    I was more a book reader than a sport player as a kid so I am trying to make myself active and introduce my kids to everything and see what sticks. We have our 4.5 year old in tball and soccer for the spring.

    Re: beds… We forked out for a second convertible crib. We moved to our new house when my son was 1.5 and his sister came a month later, so it was just too much change – and he was too little – to be evicted from his crib. The older one is in the full bed that converted from his crib. And I guess that the little one should be put in a bed soon…she isn’t fighting the crib though yet so we may just contain her as long as possible 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I didn’t really play sports growing up. But hubby played basketball all through high school and college and the older kids play. This is my daughters 3rd year and my sons 1st.

    My kids were older when the next one came along. But from the crib, we moved both into a twin. The oldest at about 2, we moved and took down the crib. We moved my middle guy for his 3rd birthday- I found one of those plastic hot wheel beds at a consignment shop for $40 and knew it was what we had to do! I mean he was attached to the crib- go big or go home! At 5 1/2 he still loves it.

    I can’t comment on pregnancy dreams because I don’t remember. But lately I’ve been dreaming I’m pregnant with triplets, it’s like real life and I may freak if it happens again.

  3. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    We are struggling with the bed transition with Monkey right now. Bean went right into a big bed, no problem. We just put the matress and box springs right on the floor, put up a rail, and, voila, a new bed! Monkey started crib jumping a few weeks ago, so we lowered the crib and took the side off to convert it into a day bed. She’s getting up several times a night and visiting us in our room. Makes for very cranky parents!

  4. vitatrain4life says:

    Love the “eye of the tiger look” at age 7. I think I had the same thing going! The boys have been doing gymnastics since they were 2 1/2 and finally, at age 4 1/2, are actually doing something that resembles gymnastics-like moves!
    That sandwich sounds amazing! Tell me more about this canned chicken!?

  5. Carrie says:

    I was a competitive swimmer and then a competitive race walker in my 20s and early 30s. My 6 year old likes to be the best at everything immediately so sports have not impressed her!!! Lucky for her she is super smart so at least that works with school. She does excel at swimming so that might be her sport. I also did track, cross country, basketball, gymnastics, ballet, softball, hmm… likely some other things. So chances are one of my kids may play the same sport at some point. My 3 year old is not at all interested in learning about many things however she is our active and coordinated little one so I am thinking sports are her thing!!
    As for bed advice. So we transition early at our house. Both my girls were in big girl beds right around age 2, one at 20 months and one at 22 months. I left the crib up and put them in a twin bed with the rails. It worked. I never understood the toddler beds to be honest, but have no issue with them, just never got the point. I gave them a choice between the two for the first few nights and then just made the leap. It was fine. My oldest slept much better in a bed, actually we regret not doing it sooner. The first night she slept in her twin bed she was one of the rare nights she slept through the night. I will have to say that one of the reasons we transitioned our girls so early to a bed was because we potty train them early- 17 months. Okay, so actually my girls both basically potty trained themselves at that age but I am taking the credit. So I wanted to give them a chance to get out of the bed and let us know if they had to go to the potty at night.

  6. Marie Oliveira says:

    I really need to sign my girls up for gymnastics. I didn’t do gymnastics when I was younger but I really wanted to. We bought a full-sized bed for my son when he grew out of his crib so we could use it for a guest bed also. When we moved into a bigger house we got a bunk bed because we knew we were going to have more kids.

  7. Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

    I just checked out your blog today for the first time and I have to say I am impressed that you are scheduled to run a half marathon in a month! And you are 12 weeks pregnant! I will have to stay turned for that! (We have one right now, got pregnant last August, but didn’t make it past the 12 week mark. We’re trying again…)

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