Changing up BMS

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hope all your snow melted.

There are going to be some changes around BMS if you haven’t already noticed.  My goal in starting this blog was to give moms, who give so much already to everyone else, a free resource to get fit.  No gym membership, no hour long BodyPump classes, just quick, to the point free workout videos.
Unfortunately, because I don’t get paid to do this, I don’t always have time to do it.  And, Caitlin has taken another part-time job leaving just little ol’ me here on the video/blogging front.
I am also pregnant, which is causing my belly to grow and my ability to crank out burpees to shrink (??).
So, BMS is not going to be as present as other blogs but still going to be just as helpful and motivational.
Instead of daily postings, I’d much rather take a nap or eat a grilled cheese sandwich now.  Plus, who really has time to read someone’s blog every day of their lives?!
I’d like to make this blog about cool/important things about life, health or just in general rather than “read me read me- turkey sandwich and a 10 mile run.”  With that being said, I’ll need YOUR HELP.  PLEASE PLEASE if you ever see something moms need to know or would love reading, tag @bemomstrong on Twitter on post it on my Be Mom Strong Facebook page.  I will share it and link it back to you!
So, in my new era here are my plans:
1.  Give you ONE full-length workout video a week on MomStrong Mondays.
2.  Stop self-promoting.  If people like what I’m posting, it’ll promote itself.  If they don’t
3.  Seek out information you’d like to know and retweet/post to my Facebook page.  So should you ever see anything us moms need to know PLEASE let me know!
4.  Post one other time a week about nutrition, mommy-isms, pregnancy updates, etc.  If you only come here to read about Gentry or Macon, because who really cares about Justin, I’ll give you a little of that 😉
5.  Not stay up late making a post just because I think 2 people might actually care and read it the next day.  Instead, I’m going to bed.  With my grilled cheese sandwich.
With that being said, I’d love for you to stick around and hopefully this community can grow because of the strong mamas in it… not because of the 300 messages I plug into Hootsuite to go out each day!
Quickly… MomStrong Monday
Because it is Monday, here is another full-length video for you.  Working the whole body today.  No messing around!
If you’d ever like to make a video yourself and share with this growing belly, please do!  It can be a fun group workout, or a serious down to business individual one like Allie did awhile ago!
Have a great start to week and check back later for Gentry, food and belly updates!
How do you promote your blog?
What article/posting/picture have you seen lately that us moms/women would probably enjoy?
Your worst epic fail… GO!

4 thoughts on “Changing up BMS

  1. cldem says:

    Similar to you, if I have time, my blog gets promoted with Tweets or Instagram pics, if not, I rely on my posts resulting in shares organically.

    I found this Alex & Ani quote yesterday and decided it’s my motivation for the week:

    Worst epic fail: a week after getting my driver’s license in HS I forgot where my foot was, and hit the gas sending my mom’s car into the front of the garage (we parked it in the driveway, not thegarbage). My neighbors called me Crash for years.

  2. vitatrain4life says:

    Good for you!! Part of being MomStrong is knowing when you need to pull back and do what works for your life right now. I post 3x a week and that’s ALL I can handle…never mind videos!! I love your space here & love that you’re keeping it real 🙂 xoxo

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