Interesting Reads from the Week & 2nd Trimester!

Friday… we meet again.
Anyone give Monday’s workout a go?  I am in the thick of my “oops I’m supposed to run a half marathon in 3 weeks” training so I have been aching.  I added 3 runs a week to my cycling schedule and can I just say my butt is in the best shape of its life baby or no baby?   Actually starting to think I will cross the finish line March 17th after a 10 mile run on the treadmill Saturday.
Fun stuff.
Thought I’d spend Fridays relinking… AKA sharing cool things I’ve read from the week.  So make sure you tweet or email me if you read something we just HAVE to see!
1)  Rosie Pope is launching a baby collection.  If you don’t know Rosie, she is the cutest mom with the biggest maternity empire and the coolest accent ever.
2)  The How Many Kids Should I Have test
3)  Milk facts that will probably surprise you
4)  Saw this on a friend’s FB page:

Use an ice cube tray to extend the life of fresh herbs: just add olive oil.When frozen, pop them into the skillet for bursts of flavor!
5)  Why strength training is so important and why women shouldn’t be so scared of it!
I’ve finally hit 2nd trimester!
And what a difference a few weeks make.  I can’t decide if I’m still having pizza cravings or if I have just subconsciously convinced myself that it’s totally OK to eat it for every meal?
So here are the stats:
Weeks: 13
Size of baby BMS:  
Size of mommy at 13 weeks:  
Cravings: Salt and pizza as always, but lately ice cream has been making an unexpected visit to our fridge.  No idea how it’s been getting there.  Beets.  Greens- broccolini, kale and bok choy, just not peas, which I usually OD on.
Weird things:  Craziest dreams ever.  I can even repeat them second by second days later.  Last night I was competing against our college’s quarterback of 2005 in an obstacle course relay.
Exciting developments:  We scheduled our gender reveal appointment for April 8th.  I’m the master of getting that appointment THE DAY you can find out.  She tried to give me the 15th and I sweet talked a week earlier 😉
Also, I am going to have another C-section more than likely.  With Gentry, they determined my “pelvic structure is off” and SURPRISE, it’s still off.  So we’ve set a very tentative date for baby BMS’s arrival on August 20th.
Things bought for baby BMS:  Nothing yet.  I’m too busy eating grilled cheese and chasing G around.  But, we are going ASAP to buy Gentry a mattress to put on the floor of her new room.  I’ve also found my inspiration for that big girl room…
Changes- there will be ABSOLUTELY nothing climbable or accessible to G.  We might even pad the walls to make sure she doesn’t try scaling them.
Don’t forget you still have til the end of February to get some girls together, work out and send me the picture or video for your chance to win some goodies!  Most goodies will be a surprise, but one person will receive a SweatyBand!
I have a pretty awesome giveaway for you on Monday so come back for a workout and a prize!
PS- The Loran Jane 21 day MNBChallenge is over.  This week was all about posting on Twitter about our motivation and inspiration to be healthy.   What’s mine?
What are your plans this weekend?
What did your child’s first room come equipped with?
What things are you craving (pregnant or not) right now?
What link do I need to add so we can read?

5 thoughts on “Interesting Reads from the Week & 2nd Trimester!

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’m working nights tonight at the hospital then sleep half the day away tomorrow. Long 14 mile run on Sunday and then Family time!! BTW….LOVE Rosie Pope! The first baby had every gadget known to man. Then with the second, I realized that it was all so unnecessary! You are so cute pregnant! Can’t wait to see you with a belly 😉

  2. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    Love your non-existent bump! Can’t wait to see that belly really pop! We kept our nursery for Monkey and moved Bean into a big girl room. We’re trying to figure out what to do now that Monkey is climbing everything in sight and we had to convert the crib. YIKES!

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