NYC Half and ProCompression Giveaway!

I’ve been VERY slack on my training updates for the NYC Half this Sunday.  Probably because I’ve been VERY slack on my training.  Training during first trimester is next to impossible.  And those of you that have run a full marathon while pregnant, you ARE super women.

For real.

How training for a half marathon pregnant is SO different than having a flat belly

  • Any type of running makes me exhausted.  Whether it’s 2 miles or 11 miles, whether I’ve slept 5 hours or 10+ hours the night before (don’t judge), IT. IS. EXHAUSTING!
  • amrtttreadmill
  • Training plans don’t exist.  If you followed me on A Mom Runs This Town, I had a very specific 3-day a week training plan for all my halfs (is that how you spell it?).  I did hill work one day, speed work another and finished the week with a long run where each mile goes faster.


  • Hill work doesn’t exist.  this baby prefers flat land.
  • Speed work doesn’t exist.  The baby prefers to take the tortoise’s approach to racing.
  • Long runs (sort of ) exist.  I have been able to make it to 11 miles.  Hoping I can at least walk the last two if needed!  But, those 11 mile days leave me completely useless.
  • Goals are completely changed.  My goal in 2014 was to hit a sub 1:30 half marathon, which I finally did at my last race.  This race’s goal… to cross the finish line… still functioning.

Why I kind of like this training better

  • There’s absolutely NO PRESSURE.  I don’t have this number hanging over my head that I just HAVE to get.  I won’t be sleepless the night before (well if I am it’ll be due to the baby).
  • I am not dreading waking up and running on the treadmill because I know I have to hit a certain elevation climb or a certain pace.  I did dread waking up and running those 11 miles though because I knew I’d be a zombie the rest of the day.

Why this may just be my most fun race

  • I am meeting 6 college girlfriends up in NYC for a girls weekend.  We are celebrating lots of babies coming this summer and an engagement, as well as not seeing each other since last March.


  • Gentry, I love you to death, but I will be toddler free for about 35 hours.  FREEDOM!

Make sure to follow on Twitter or Instagram if you at all care how this weekend goes!


And because I’m in the racing mood, I thought I’d give away some of my must-have apparel for races

ProCompression Marathon Socks.  If you’ve never heard of these CHECK THEM OUT.  I can run longer, farther and faster (except when I’m preggo) with these bad boys.
From their website
They can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression speed up muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.
You can honestly NEVER have enough of these and they are usually on sale.  So grab a pair now just in case for some odd reason you don’t win 😉  SIDENOTE: I am testing our some compression sleeves from BioSkin and will have a complete review soon.
Click the link below to enter and have a great weekend!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


70 thoughts on “NYC Half and ProCompression Giveaway!

  1. Change of Pace says:

    You’ll have an absolute blast this weekend!
    I love that you are running a half while pregnant. Judging by the workout you last posted, you’ll be absolutely fine in the race! You’re a machine. Good luck and have fun! Can’t wait for IG photos!

    • bemomstrong says:

      Thanks Karen! And I know Cyanne and you mentioned we could meet up there but I apologize, when it turned into a reunion weekend it left me little time to do anything else. When can I come visit y’all at a race?

  2. kstewjones says:

    Good luck on your race! I ran the Nike women’s half at 29 weeks preggo and it is still my biggest accomplishment to date! Running while pregnant completely changes your racing mentality but that is not always a bad thing! Have fun!!

  3. Lexa says:

    Have a great time! My fav socks are the shamrock socks. I will be running (hopefully no walking) in my slowest 5K ever this weekend. I am 18 weeks prego and you are right running is tough. Props to you for doing the half!

  4. Erika S. says:

    Have a great weekend in NYC racing and with your girls! I’m pretty sure your prego-half time will still kick my non-prego-half time’s tail!

  5. Eli Pacheco says:

    Thank you for removing any lingering justification I had for not running. Honestly, I will run this summer and enter a 5K, and I’m excited. Before reading this post, though, I felt strongly that having a big breakfast was excuse enough to not go for a run.

  6. Kristine @ Pink Cupcake Runs says:

    Good luck!! I just bought a pair of Pro Compression hot pink socks and love them! Wore them yesterday after my 8 mile run so my legs are fresh for my half on Saturday. I saw they came out with some green/ pink ones and they look so cute!

  7. audra says:

    You still run faster than me even if you are preggo! I am not a bit picky when it comes to the socks, I like them all. You’re going to rock this half!

  8. milesandblessingsj says:

    Eeeeee!!! 35 hours toddler free :)! Enjoy!!!!! It sounds like it will be such a fun weekend & I hope you have a great time! I just saw stuft mama Kristin’s pics from the LA marathon and IZ think the neon orange are awesome! I LOVE pro compression!!!!

  9. Emily says:

    I have neon orange and royal blue Pro Compression socks. I’m thinking I NEED a pair of neon yellow and pink swirl. I also love that they’re are on sale frequently, and a good sale at that! I did a half when I was 17 weeks pregnant with twins. My doc wouldn’t let me run, so it was the longest walk of my life but the most fun. Have a blast in NYC with the girls!!!

  10. Shelley says:

    Would love to have the pink socks!!! I think its amazing your still running while pregant. I never got that lucky either time high risk pregnancies and running and exercise was not a good combo

  11. BreannaS says:

    I have been checking out the site and would love to have a pair of black compression socks that I can wear to work without them looking silly with my work clothes.

  12. hbarnstein says:

    Pink for sure!

    And have fun! I loved doing my halfs while pregnant (I did two) because they were no pressure – unless I added my own – and my last half I had SO much fun.

  13. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama says:

    Good luck this weekend, mama! Mad props for even running a half marathon while you’re pregnant. As soon as that line popped up on the stick, I putting racing on the back burner. I ran through both pregnancies, but I was scared my competitive inner bitch would go completely nuts in any racing environment and push too hard. And training plans. Ba ha ah ha! If I ran a few miles and only had to stop to pee a few times, I called it a success!

  14. Anel says:

    Hope you had a great race and had a lot of fun!! I love the red ones! Red is my favorite color however, I also like the neon green – nothing like adding a little “loud” color to your outfit! Thank you!

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