If you’ve been following me throughout the past year, you know I don’t race without my ProCompression socks.


Just making sure you’re still following.  The one race I didn’t wear them (because it was 95+ degrees) and I had my WORST. RACE. EVER.  AKA didn’t even finish.

If you’ve never heard of compression socks… here’s 5 reasons why you need them from

1.  Protection: They protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions and nasty things like poison ivy on the trail.

2.  Swelling: Compression technology has been proven to limit swelling, especially in people who spend all day on their feet.

3.  Dirt: Collects on your sleeves and not on your legs.

4.  Warmth: Allows you to wear shorts on those iffy days when you’d reluctantly wear tights.

5.  Coolness: No they don’t keep you cool, but how fun are knee highs?

I have been wed to ProCompression for quite some time.
The RVA Half Marathon this past November.
So BioSkin offered to send both Justin and I a pair of their sleeves to try since.  Guess they got wind of our obsession.
From their website:
Bio Skin® is a unique, patented material designed to provide high-level compression without creating any discomfort. Bio Skin is thin and gives radial compression so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. Bio Skin is also breathable, so perspiration evaporates right through it, and is hypo-allergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin reactions.
My take- ProCompression is much thicker and does not have that evaopration of sweat going on.


The Family of Bio Skin Materials have a tri-laminate design to dramatically enhance comfort and wearability. It is constructed of Lycra on the inside and outside with a thin polyurethane “SmartsSkin” membrane in between.

My take- This tri-laminate design takes a bit of conforming and getting used to.  My sleeves felt SUPER tight day 1, but by week 1 they were much better.

The SkinLok characteristic is one of BioSkin’s greatest assests and most unique qualities. When the skin begins to perspire, the SkinLok feature activates and increases the coefficient of friction between the material and the skin. This increase causes the brace to stay more firmly in place, even during heavy activity, while still allowing perspiration to evaporate through the material.

My take- never had slipping issues.

RADIAL STRETCH – CONTOURS TO THE BODY SHAPEBio Skin material stretches in all directions and contours wonderfully to the body. Bio Skin 4-Way, radial stretch qualities allow maximum clinical level compression to the joint, while offering maximum comfort. Bio Skin stretches to fit the shape of the body.

My take- again note the uncomfortable week 1 I had getting used to this.
My thoughts…
As you can tell from reading, BioSkin is legit in relieving pain and enhancing performance (once you get used to them squeezing the daylight out of your calves).  BioSkin has a great deal of braces and supports for other areas than calves.
So should you be a non-runner or have a not so running related injury, go check them out.
 However, BioSkin is not the most trendiest addition to your cute race outfit
Sorry BioSkin, I had to borrow.  My husband is NEVER around to take pictures!
Therefore, should I be needing braces or support for other areas… please no… I will definitely be calling up BioSkin, as I could tell their product works.  But, I’m sorry, I like my colorful race outfits and fun socks to go with for now!
Ok not so colorful, but I’ve ordered a pair of hot pink socks for this weekend’s Monument Ave 10K race, don’t you worry.  Here is last year’s picture.  I promise to stand out in the crowd this year 🙂  Belly and all!
What do you think of compression socks?  When do you wear them?
What gets you through an injury?  Besides lots of chocolate?
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19 thoughts on “BioSkin

  1. cldem says:

    I’ve come to realize that compression socks over activate my calves when I’m on long runs. That being said, I’m not sure I’m willing to forego them on race day. I love wearing them to bed the night before long runs or races and afterward. They’re the best.

  2. Running Betty says:

    Great running pic of you! You’re airborne! 🙂 I’ve never worn compression socks before but I’ve been considering giving them a shot…If for no other reason because they are super cute! 😉

  3. Erika S. says:

    I am so glad you blogged about this! I was going to ask you how often you wear your compression socks? Right now I am only wearing them for my long runs on the weekend, but am curious to see if you or others recommend wearing them for shorter runs too. As far as injuries go…I was sidelined for 8 weeks with a hamstring injury. What got me through: PT, ice, ibuprofen, sweating it out on the stationary bike, support from friends, and adult beverages!

  4. Change of Pace says:

    I love that you wear compression for every race! I have two pairs (both different brands) but I rarely wear them. However, I did wear them to sleep last night to try and help my one calf.
    I have a feeling that chocolate will be getting me through this injury 🙂

    • bemomstrong says:

      I don’t wear them training but I do for runs (mostly for warmth)! I haven’t ever worn them to sleep though because I’ve been afraid my foot will need to be amputated afterwards! But if it works go for it!

  5. Cheryl Andrews Johnson says:

    I am a nurse and on my feet 13 hours a day 3 days a week. I have compression socks that I purchase from our uniform store and they are perfect for my running as well. I don’t think I would like the sleeves. I LOVE my socks and have them all sorts of colors.

  6. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I love my compression socks, too! Living in Houston the last two years, I switched to Tommie Copper sleeves as they were cooler. But I’m back in my socks, now! 🙂

  7. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    I have ProCompression and Feetures compression socks. I love them, but have never raced in them. I wear them for recovery after long runs and on long driving trips. I will absolutely wear them next time I fly!

    Good luck in your Monument Avenue 10K!

  8. Caroline says:

    haha- those pictures are of me! I LOVE my BioSkin sleeves and wear them while working out, in recovery, and on long car rides and any plane rides! Glad you like them too!

  9. Caty W. says:

    I’ve been wearing my Running Skirts compression socks on most days, even if I’m not running, to help with (pregnancy) leg swelling. The only issue I’ve had is how tight they get right behind the knee. Maybe I’ve just got short legs. 😛 have u had that issue w the Pro Compression socks?

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