Let’s talk belly fat and why not #tBELLYt

Did that title get your attention or what?

I got my monthly Fitness Journal in the mail the other day and found the article on belly fat very fitting to comments I have been hearing from friends lately.

There are three types of fat:

1.  Visceral– lies around the organs and underneath the skin; harder to store and easier to burn

2. Superficial- hangs over the waistline, you can pinch it; easier to store but harder to burn

3.  Deep Subcutaneous– a hybrid of the first two

Why do you need to know this?  Because we are women and whether we like it or not, it’s creeping up around us no matter how fast we try to run from it.

Fast facts:

1.  Fat is more likely to be stored when there’s an excessive of it, but less likely to be burned when there isn’t enough.

TAKE HOME– Don’t deprive yourself of calories just because you think you’re burning fat.

2.  Higher testosterone levels in women are associated with more belly fat.  Higher testosterone levels in men are associated with less belly fat.


3.  Want to loose some of that belly fat through eating?  Eat less carbs.
TAKE HOME– Don’t stop eating carbs, because if you do, you’ll likely gain weight.
Too few carbs causes an increase in cortisol, which is one contributor to belly fat.  Eat carbs lower on the glycemic index.  However, just because the foods are low on this list, doesn’t mean they are the best for you.  Notice that sweet potatoes are medium and they are a SUPER SUPER food.
4.  Want to lose some of that belly fat through exercise?  Try short, intense workouts (like tabata) and long- duration, moderate exercises.  Short but intense will raise testosterone and cortisol, but because it is short-lived it will promote muscle growth, rather than stress.  Long-duration but lower intensity exercise actually lowers cortisol.
TAKE HOME– Even though lower intensities burn more fat, higher intensities burn more overall calories!
5.  Want to gain belly fat through eating?  Try my favorite… starch + sugar.  It increases insulin, which enhances your LDL (bad cholesterol) and suppresses your HDL (the good one)
TAKE HOME– Try this cupcake recipe using chickpeas or this one using black beans.  Sshhh just don’t tell anyone, including yourself.
6.  Want to try out some Meal Plans…
3-2-1 or 3-2-2.  To pick: Do you want to exercise more or less?
More?  I thought so 😉 try the 3-2-2 plan.  This involves 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day and doubling (the last 2) your starch intake once a day post workout.  AKA for every 3 bites of veggies take 2 bites of starch and 2 bites of protein.
Less?  No way… ok well take the 3-2-1 plan.  3 meals a day, 2 of those meals mostly protein and fiber and 1 meal a day with heavier starch post workout.  AKA for every 3 bites of veggies, have 2 bites of protein and 1 bite of starch.
I want to see you counting those bites 😉
TAKE HOME – Yes you can worry about any and every piece of starch, fat and protein you put into your body.  Our body is a temple, honor it.  But, is that really living?  My suggestion, learn as much as you can about fueling your body, but don’t become obsessed.
However, love yourself enough to lead a healthy life!
Speaking of belly fat, why not link up to belly BUMPS. Baby bumps of course.
Since not much is changing in my world except that I’m not 18 weeks along ( 1.5 more weeks until we find out the gender!) I will leave you with a baby bump picture and save the yummy details for next week. But, please link up your bump updates below!

Did you learn anything new?
What can you add to the information?
What is your biggest struggle with eating, exercising and your results?



19 thoughts on “Let’s talk belly fat and why not #tBELLYt

  1. Karen (@karenlovestorun) says:

    I like the 3,2,1 plan! Sometimes I just eat without thinking too much about it (luckily it’s pretty healthy…) but I seem to be so hungry lately and think it’s because I don’t get enough protien.
    I can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl! Your bump is adorable.
    My friend is due the same week of my wedding with her first and it’s a boy 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Change of Pace says:

    Great info, Emma- thank you!
    I love point two and the image to go with it. I had no idea, but I completely agree with the card 🙂
    My biggest struggle is with sweets. I just can’t quit them! With not being able to run, I’m really starting to notice it.

  3. Mrs. Murphy's Law of Fitness says:

    Very informative and I definitely agree with you- knowledge is power, but it’s not good to be obsessed about it! I have a major sweet tooth so this has always been my weakness, but I try not to deprive myself because then I will overindulge later!

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    You’re so cute and what a tiny little bump! Great belly fat info, too. I just did a similar belly fat series of articles for my holistic newsletter. It’s important (and so relevant!) Glad I could be part of the link up!

  5. vitatrain4life says:

    Yes! The best advice is to be aware but to LIVE and treat yourself in moderation. Simple but not easy. Love the bump – so small and cute 🙂
    Also – I used the push-up/star jump combo as part of my Wed night class. We did them for 30 seconds (just one and one) within a Tabata type workout. Holy leg and chest soreness! Seriously love that combo…and my class loved to hate it. Perfection.

  6. milesandblessings says:

    Love the baby bump :). This was great! It is important to be knowledgeable and sensible…but it can easily get out of hand and obsessive! There are so many elimination diets and other diets that I really don’t think are necessary for most people…just be sensible and love life!

  7. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    My biggest struggle is my age! 😉 I used to have a six-pack, but it’s crazy how much the body can change even with the same amount of exercise and even better eating habits than before. I watch what I eat, eat even fewer simple carbs than before, and still watch that belly fat refuse to budge! But if that’s the extent of my problems, I’ll take it!

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