Monument 10K Recap & Dear Race Directors…

This past weekend I did quite a few things, but don’t we all?  My favorite thing was to run my 7th Monument Avenue 10K.  If you live in or near Richmond and are not doing this race, something is wrong.


Even if you aren’t a racer, they have prizes for best costumes.


(taken from the Monument 10k Facebook page)

AND, one person is chosen to start at the halfway point (ish) and try to beat the first finisher for a cash prize.  Which she did this year.  One year will be my year I can just feel it!


The girl and the first place finisher.

But, my favorite thing about this race is that they encourage and cater to people who otherwise wouldn’t enter a race.  They have SO many waves and SO many people out there walking the entire 6.2, which is fabulous.  We even saw one of the last finishers come by with a prosthetic leg and a HUGE crowd of supporters.

So, Dear Race Directors,

Yes fast races are fun.  I am competitive and even if I have a 19-week old baby in my belly, I’m going to run the heck out of your race.


Even when I’m not shooting workout videos Macon has to be in the spotlight.

However, please consider adding more walking waves to your races.  I can’t tell you how many people got moving Saturday because they were determined to go 6.2, whether it was running, walking or crawling.

So proud of RVA on this day every year!

It was a not so perfect weather day, misty, humid and in the upper 50’s.  My toes were soaked by the time we got to the starting line.


Also taken from the Monument 10K Facebook page.

But I managed to squeeze a 43 minute time- only 3 minutes shy of my 2013 time. Which makes me think I was totally slacking in 2013


I have very few pictures because Justin was along for the run as well.  AKA get in, run and go home.  Guys just don’t know how to experience life.  So my apologies for the selfie.

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Did you run the Monument 10K or another race this weekend?  How’d it go?

How do you feel about serious vs not-so-serious vs for all runners races?




17 thoughts on “Monument 10K Recap & Dear Race Directors…

  1. misszippy1 says:

    I actually love this idea. Setting up official walking waves, at the back, is a perfect solution. Otherwise, walkers, slow runners, etc. tend to not know where to seed themselves and then it can be a mess and a hazard. So cheers to the RD at the Monument 10k!

  2. megroach says:

    I love the idea of walker waves too. There is always constant talk about the obesity problem so why not make races for walkers too. Plus I love being able to dress up and have fun!
    I ran the Frederick Mission 10 miler Sunday in rather unpleasant weather conditions. It went better then I thought even though I was freezing cold by the end.

  3. Lisa Redhair-Thomas says:

    I did the same thing: run, grab water, quick stretch, go home! It was a good run before it started to rain, but then I love to run in the rain. 🙂

  4. Carrie says:

    Okay, I have to argue that there are a lot of walker friendly races, coming from a walker. Now I was a competitive race walker and so for a long time, since I averaged between 10 1/2 to 11 min walking miles I guess I was as fast as some runners. I did a half last year in an 11:30 pace and I was surprised that there were not more walkers there as there was when I did 5 years earlier. Maybe races have not kept up with walker friendly races. The Baltimore marathon used to have an earlier start for walkers which was nice. As for seeds, I would have to say that for a 10K I think that most people should be able to start where ever they want and just let slower runners know to be aware that they may need to move out of the way for faster runners. Being in the position in which I am sometimes among runners and I am slower since I walk, I do try to stay out of the way however I find that if I put my self with the slower end those people tend to run and walk and drive me nuts. I maintain a fairly steady pace and being behind a runner who suddenly slows to a leisurely walk is not fun!! I say all this but sadly I am still not up to race walking speed and may not been in the near future. I am permanently banned from running due to avascular necrosis and knee cap dislocation 4 months ago and I just can not get up to race walking speed.

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