Recipes and oops #tBELLYt

With my giveaway still going on (hint, hint go enter) I didn’t send you some recipes I’ve tried this past week, so here we go.  Again, I’m crediting these bloggers 100% for the photos and the recipes!  However, I am starting to develop my own, inspired by these bloggers.

Zucchini Crusted Pizza

Zucchini-Crust Vegetarian Pizza Margherita

Squash Hush Puppies


Chocolate-Cinnamon Pudding




Today is clearly Friday, and I would NEVER wish it was Thursday, but just pretend for a second so it doesn’t seem like I missed


So, here are the deets

Weeks:  19


Weight gain:  Around 8ish lbs.  Some days 6, some days 10.  Never trust scales!

Boy or Girl?  We find out TUESDAY!  I seriously have absolutely no idea.  I knew for sure with Gentry, so this should be interesting.  Part of me wants a boy to experience it, but part of me wants the girl so I can keep buying cute little tutu dresses.  Yes, I’m that kind of mom.

Cravings:  Eating pretty regularly now.  I do notice that I get light-headed when I go more than 3 hours without eating.  Afternoons are the hardest for me to remember to eat because when Gentry goes down, I get to work!  But, I certainly pay for it by dinnertime.  Or should I say Justin pays for it as I’m stuffing blue corn chips and hummus down my throat while attempting to flip chicken in the pan.  BTW, chicken… can’t stomach it.  Can cook it only because I know how much Justin loves it, but can’t eat it.  That is unless it’s canned (?)  I promised I’m not sponsored by that canned chicken company.

Movement:  Finally started to feel this little booger move around.  I remember with Gentry I swear I could still feel her after she was born, and now it’s like she never left.  Justin still claims it’s gas.  Clearly he knows what he’s talking about.

Workouts:  Been going strong cranking out a BMS Gym video in the AM and teaching cycle three times a week during the day.  BUT, I have a feeling I’m going to start calling on my friends to let me shoot them working out because these 5AM filming sessions are starting to wear on me.  Not to mention Gentry seems to be coming even more alive with this awesome spring weather.

Baby stuff bought:  We already have Gentry’s room all ready to go, just need to buy a mattress.  Still waiting on the gender before we make any Baby #2 purchases.

Why this is going to be a great weekend:  Ok absolutely nothing to do with the baby, but I turn 30 for only the SECOND TIME on Sunday.  My weekend plans consist of attempting to sell all these things I shouldn’t still have laying around my house at our neighborhood’s yardsale, dinner out HERE, dessert more than likely HERE and a Boho Body cycle ride with the Boho Cycle instructors on Sunday.

So excited for this ride!

So, have a great weekend.  Eat cake for me Sunday… or Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And, check back Monday for my TWO WINNERS!

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you ever taken a fused class (cycle/strenght, etc.)?

Pregnant mamas… link up or tell me how you’re doing!

7 thoughts on “Recipes and oops #tBELLYt

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I’m loving that pizza!!! Not sure I can attempt to make it but, I can give it a try.
    I can’t believe you find out what you’re having on Tuesday!!! So exciting. I hope it’s another girl so you can buy all that fun stuff. Boys clothes are horrendously boring. Enjoy your weekend girl!

  2. Change of Pace says:

    Happy early birthday! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!
    I can’t imagine being pregnant, chasing after a busy toddler, and waking up to film workout videos 🙂

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Yay for feeling the baby move! It’s my favorite part of pregnancy. Except for today when I laid down for a quick cat nap and the kicking began and kept me awake! 🙂

  4. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Oy, Working night shift friday night, i’ll get 3 hrs of sleep on saturday after being up for 30 hours, running the cherry blossom 10 miler sunday morning, then back to the hospital for another shift Sunday night. Can’t wait for this weekend to be OVER! Can’t wait to hear your big news! So excited for you!!

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