Foods to Avoid, A Brownie to Die For and 2 Winners

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How was everyone’s weekend?  So Easter happened a little early around here this year…


Yes, we had fans blowing for that dramatic look.  And yes, I’ve consumed far more of the candy in those little eggs than she.

And for no reason at all this happened


For a second I’m going to say this “single serving” is a contributor the our country’s weight issues.  But then I’m going to immediately say it was worth every yummy calorie.  Thank you again Shyndigz.  Thankfully we are not in RVA next weekend or this would become an epidemic in our household.

Thankfully Boho Cycle spun me out the very next morning.  My sister in law came from out of town and I forced to go with me.  Nice, relaxing Saturday morning 😉  She loved it though.

So, being that I’m attempting ot make this an informational blog, I thought I’d send you on a pantry hunt today to see if anyone of these were lurking.

Foods to Avoid

1.  Fructose- I mean sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup.  I realize fructose is in fruit, but it’s paired equally with glucose.  Your body does well with this even pairing.  Sweetener fructose promotes inflammation and can cause your liver to become less sensitive to insulin.  It also does not trigger an insulin response, so those “I’m full” signals don’t get out there.

Sugar has been proven to be more addictive than heroine and cocaine.  BEWARE!

2.  Trans Fats- you’ve heard enough about it and it’s now banned, so no worries!

3. Juices- it’s just sugar water!  Squeeze a lemon or orange into your water.  KIDS DO NOT NEED JUICE.  Yes, it can be a celebratory thing, but KIDS DO NOT NEED JUICE.  Give them the real fruit instead!

4. Preservatives- If something has a really long shelf-life, imagine what it’s doing in your stomach.  Eat food that spoils, preferably before it spoils.  Frozen food is NOT always a bad thing.  Meats, veggies and fruits can be frozen instantly after catching/picking.  Just check the freezing process (frozen immediately, versus frozen after getting her from Chile).

5.  Artificial Colors- Use tumeric or spices to turn things colors!

6.  Artificial Sweeteners- They increase our cravings for sweets and mess with our brain signals.  If you’re eating something that would taste awful without sugar, DON’T EAT IT!  Instead, eat dark chocolate!  It’s actually good for you in regular doses.. probably not my bar a day doses.  BUT GOOD NEWS– You have to eat chocolate everyday to reap the benefits.  So let’s just make that chocolate brownie a daily thing.

Food you don’t really have to avoid but can most certainly live without

1.  Dairy- Cows are eating more corn these days.  Don’t mess with Mother Nature, they weren’t meant to eat corn.  Therefore, their makeup is now different than it used to be and we aren’t getting the nutrients we used to be getting.  You can get calcium from SO many other sources.  In fact, many countries that don’t eat diary have a lower incidence of osteoporosis than the US!

2. Wheat/grains- Celiac Disease is more prevalent today because SO much stuff is made of wheat.  Our ancestors used to eat a VARIETY of grains- wheatberries, quinoa, etc.  We tend to focus just on one on the most random products (there is more wheat in soy sauce than soy!).  GLUTEN-FREE is not always a healthier choice.

Now that you’ve cleaned out your pantry, put a few of these in…

Savory Hummus Waffles

Carrot Parsnip Latkes

Again, thank you bloggers for sharing these yummy goodies with the world.
And FINALLY… My two Vacation Races winners!
J Marie Thompson
Adrienne Masek
Please email to claim your prize!!
You can still sign up for any of their awesome races HERE.
What’s your fave candy inside Easter eggs?
What’s the hardest thing on the AVOID list for you to avoid?
How do you feel about dairy and wheat?





17 thoughts on “Foods to Avoid, A Brownie to Die For and 2 Winners

  1. Megan (The Lyons' Share) says:

    Thanks for this helpful roundup! I don’t necessarily avoid wheat, but I eat a huge variety of grains like you say, and definitely eat far less wheat than “average.” Dairy, on the other hand – I used to have Greek yogurt almost every morning but avoid most other dairy … now I’m even straying away from the yogurt due to some intolerance issues. For most things (aside from your “avoid” list!), I believe in moderation!

  2. vitatrain4life says:

    Good reminders Emma!! I had a lovely strawberry shortcake with extra homemade whipped cream this weekend and it was heavenly!!! It’s so hard for me to avoid carbs. I haven’t met one I don’t like.

  3. ScoopOfGlitter says:

    Great list!! Wooh wooh I have Celiac Disease…it’s sad that going gluten free scares people. If you eat different grains then taking wheat out isn’t hard at all! Just a little more expensive. But that’s not bad either because you keep your portions under control. ha!

  4. Katie G (@cakevscales) says:

    Ooooh I love making Carrot Latkes but have not considered adding parsnip…
    Over Easter I’ll be avoiding the Easter eggs but enjoying raw chocolate, it just suits my body far better..although I do day dream about brownies..
    I’m not so worried about wheat but I am going to be testing out a diet with a lot less grains to see how my body reacts..I’m not sure dairy agree’s with me, I’d been enjoying yoghurt however I started to feel terrible..but now I’m on the ‘avoid’ side of the fence..

  5. Jaclyn @ Bumpsweat says:

    I love the little butterfinger eggs that come out during Easter! Hopefully I can snag a couple this weekend, because I’m not about to buy a whole bag when it’s just my husband and I. I don’t shun all grains and wheat, but I notice I feel better when I don’t eat them on the regular. Some people can tolerate them, some can’t, but I’m with you that they’re not essential to a healthy, balanced diet.

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