Every. Single. Moment. Cherish it People.

Here is my monthly reminder to ALL to never take one moment for granted.  I admit, since my last post, I have been far from perfect.  I’m getting larger, my food cravings turn me into a monster at times and Gentry is just entirely too active for me these days!  But, just when I start to lose sense, God always seems to send me a message.

Just 2 weeks ago, I was having lunch with one of my old high school friends and her two adorable sons.  Less 6 days later, she found out one of them was suffering from cancer.  He found out basically on his 4th birthday.

From their fundraising website:

David Spracher is a fun-loving little boy with captivating enthusiasm!  He and his parents, Dave and Erika, and his little brother Camden (1) live in Simpsonville, SC.  They are avid Hokie fans and proud alumni of Virginia Tech.

At David’s well-visit on his 4th birthday (4/21/14), a mass was found in his abdomen.

David was soon diagnosed with bilateral Wilm’s Tumor or nephroblastoma – a cancer of the kidneys.  His cancer is Stage 4, and has spread to both kidneys and one of his lungs.  Bilateral nephroblastoma (meaning “both sides”) only happens in about 5% of Wilm’s Tumor patients.  There are multiple tumors on David’s left kidney, and a very large one on his right kidney.

Little “Super David” has a long road of treatment ahead of him.  After 6-12 weeks of chemo, his right kidney and its tumor will need to be removed.  There will be months of chemo and/or radiation afterwards.

The functioning ability of his left kidney is still questionable.  David may end up needing a transplant, depending on how the other tumors react to his treatments.  In addition, this nasty cancer has also spread to one of his lungs.

This precious family has a difficult journey ahead.

I cannot even begin to imagine what my dear friend is going through, and there have been very few words I have been able to offer.  One, because I am dealing with this issue as a mother and as a friend.  Two, because even though I rarely lack on words with these posts, I just never know what to say to make it better.  But I know I can help.

ONE- I can refresh my thinking towards life and truly… I mean TRULY love every second I’m with those that I love.  Whether we are changing overflowing diapers, putting away dirty dishes that should already be in the dishwasher or holding a screaming toddler as we walk through a silent, fancy restaurant.  I will cherish each moment for you David.

TWO- Pray.  What more needs to be said?

THREE- Help financially.

 I was very excited to receive these shirts in the mail yesterday.  Don’t mind the bad angle or the outtie belly button.




So, for every Be Mom Strong shirt I sell, I will be donating the proceeds towards my friend and her son.  Can you help me out?


If you’d like a shirt, go HERE and order.  There are many fun options to not only show your MAMA STRENGTH, but to also support this family.  (For ordering help, I’m wearing a silver medium in the first option).

If you don’t want a shirt, but still want to help, check out her fundraising website.

And, if you are unable to do either, do David, Meg and everyone else that has or is experiencing tough times a favor…


Love you Sprachers!!

How do you remind yourself to cherish each moment?

How has cancer or any other sickness affected your life?

11 thoughts on “Every. Single. Moment. Cherish it People.

  1. Mrs. Murphy's Law of Fitness says:

    Emma, I can’t imagine what that family is going through- just reading about their story brought me to tears. I will be praying for them and I love the shirts so I will head on over and check them out. Also, it is such a great reminder to cherish each moment. It is so easy to get caught up in day to day life and frustration can easily set in, but remembering how blessed we are is a great kick in the butt!

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