Cheap Protein & A Winner

My Summer Sanitize Challenge Group is hard at work eating clean and working out.  I sent a welcome letter to them a few days before the package was sent to warn them of what was to come.  I told them that things might seems weird and more expensive, but in the long run, they will save them money and give them more energy.


It’s funny how “clean eating” gets almost an elitist rep.  I hear too often

I can’t afford to eat organic meat.


Yes, organic things tend to be more expensive, there’s no way around that.  Whole Foods didn’t get the nickname Whole Paycheck for no reason at all.  HOWEVER, I wrote this for my challenge members…

Animals, veggies and fruits raised in an organic-certified environment retain all the nutrients nature intended them to have.  When we feed them things they aren’t supposed to be eating (like cows corn) and force them to live how they don’t naturally (chickens in cages) their nutrient levels significantly drop.  So, even though you THINK you are getting all these important nutrients, you are getting ripped off.  Stop getting ripped off!

Money is tight around this household.  I’m working part time and Justin’s income is different every month being a mortgage broker.  I get it.  So, here’s a way to eat clean protein on a budget.  Buy some of these to keep on hand.  Not only do they take less time than cooking meat, they also have just as much, if not more protein!

1.  Hemp seeds (11 g protein for 1/2 cup)

Herb-and-Hemp-Stuffed Potatoes

Herb-and-Hemp Stuffed Potatoes

2.  Quinoa (8 g protein for 1 cup)

Quinoa-crusted Pizza

3. Edamame (Non-GMO has 17 g protein for 1 cup)

4.  Tofu (Non-GMO has 9 g protein for 3 ounces)

5. Lentils (18 g protein for 1 cup)

Lentil Sloppy Joes

6. Kidney beans (13 g protein for 1 cup)

7. Low-fat plain Greek yogurt (18 g protein for 6 ounces)

8. Eggs (12 g protein in 2)


And congrats to my Spartan Race winner…


Please email to claim your prize!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caretakers out there.

What other cheap ways do you eat clean?
What are you doing for Mother’s Day for yourself or your mother?!

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