#tBELLYt and DailyBurn

I don’t know if it was because of my post Monday about cycle or the fact that BodyPump was canceled during my cycle class, but I had 10 newbies at my class Monday night!  I’m pretty sure I scared some off, since I was expecting my regulars, but we will find out next Monday!

Been slacking on my bump dates, mostly because not much has change.

Here I am at Week 26 (belly button pop in full effect)


And here are some stats:

Baby size:  Head of lettuce

Weight gain: 13 lbs.

Other gains: An appetite of a HORSE.  Literally can’t stop eating carbs.  I did also pick up 3 extra classes at my Y  so I’m blaming both.  I feel like I have been carb loading for a marathon for weeks now.

Progress towards Baby #2 things:  Gentry has finally moved into her big girl room.  Nighttime is going well, but she is up about an hour earlier each day, knocking on the door saying

Door open, please

At least the girl has manners.  Nap time, however, is completely different.  She prefers to sleep on the floor, smushed against the door.  Comfortable for dogs, I guess.  And, those glorious 3 hour naps are now 45 minute ones.  BUT, I’m not complaining.  More quality time to chase her around and crave even more carbs.

Due Date:  Baby #2 will also (probably) be entering this world via C-Section.  Gentry was a C baby because they determined my “pelvic bone structure” is off.  Got the email for August 20th.  YIKES.

Names:  We are still undecided.  I wanted this baby’s name to be a surprise.  Turns out we probably won’t even have the chance to tell anyone as it will more than likely be decided the day she arrives!  I want a unisex first and a very girly middle.  Suggestions?  Gotta be something VERY unique- I am a former teacher… have a list of names I can’t ever use!  For good and bad reasons!

Missing the most:  A glass of Vinho Verde.  If you’ve never tried this wine, get to the store and purchase pronto.  It is THE summer wine.

Speaking of baby bumps, FitBump has asked me to not only review their awesome apparel, but also to review an  awesome online gym called DailyBurn.  We are given a 30-day membership to do any workouts we please.  They recommended the Beautiful Belly series, which I will probably do a few (more gentle and yoga-esque) but I’m too competitive, so I signed up for HR Inferno.

Pretty decent choice for an almost 7 month pregnant lady, right?!

I’ve only been able to do one workout and it was killer.  They encourage you to use a heart rate monitor and figure out your zones 1-5. The instructor tells you when she wants you in each zone so it’s like a video game- you work harder or easier to reach that zone.  I loved it.  I absolutely LOVED it.  Even the Arnold Schwarzenegger looking men on it were dying.

More posts on DailyBurn as I do them.

How are all the baby bumps out there doing?

Do you use a HR monitor?  I have mixed feelings on them because so many other factors go into determining your HR (temperature, weather, nutrition, etc.)



14 thoughts on “#tBELLYt and DailyBurn

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    I can’t believe you took on 3 more classes at the gym! Girl – you are an animal. I also love when newbies kinda freak the first time they take your class. I’m sure MOST of them will be back:-)) I wish I had some good name ideas for you, but it took all I had to come up with Miles and Vaughn!

  2. Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow says:

    I’m doing great!!! Just a week or two ahead of you 🙂 You are staying way more fit than me, but with twins they say just walking and some light weights…is it bad I get VERY envious of folks out running or my hubby lifting weights? 🙂 We just got Netflix and I told my hubby all about the daily burn!!! I hope to try it too!

  3. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running says:

    Those “baby is the size of a…” comparisons always throw me off. Lettuce doesn’t have limbs! Is the baby the size of a head of lettuce all curled up, or is her body size that big and her arms and legs add extra?!

    You look adorable and glowy!!

  4. Lexa says:

    You look great! I have my 28 week appt tomorrow and a sono to see if my placenta has moved up. If it has they are going to let me try natural (had a C-section the first time) if not then we will get scheduled. My belly button is still holding on but it is getting very close to popping out. I took my circuit training down to three days a week because my golf league started and I am starting to get fatigued faster. Still running one day a week but I think I only have a couple of weeks left then it will just be all walking. Hoping the next 12 weeks go as fast as the last 12 have gone.

  5. Carly @ Fine Fit Day says:

    You look awesome! I’m sorry about the 45 minute naps – that’s rough after being used to 3 hours. Picking names is SO difficult. We didn’t know what we were having and our list of girls names was PAGES long.

  6. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I just discovered Vinho Verde….my new favorite for the summer!! Can’t beat a $4 bottle of wine from TJ’s!! You are adorable!

  7. Heather M. says:

    I love the running tank! It’s how I want to tell my husband it worked (when that happens….and hopefully soon!)

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