San Fran

There is too much to say about San Fran.  I should live there, minus the too cold temperatures and massive hills we had to walk anytime we wanted to go anywhere.  Instead of telling you everything, I’m just going to play a caption game… a HORRIBLE job at the caption game too.  Pictures are completely out of order, the Be Mom Strong wittiness is left out, I just wanted to post and get back to the massive amount of emails and work awaiting me here!

BTW- Justin and his buddies did AWESOME.  Justin placed 6th in his age group and top 32 (out of 2000).  His other buddies both finished in the top 3 in their age groups.  We are married to some mighty men indeed.



Mighty sandwiches were consumed at Napa Burger Co. Hands-down my favorite restaurant of the trip.  And mighty Mai Tai’s were consumed by the boys post race.  This bar actually had a patent on their drink recipe because it had a “chinese liquor.”  Scary if you ask me.


Post mighty mai tai


The actual race (and my massive San Fran hair)





Getting blown off the Golden Gate bridge on the double decker tour….



The whole group


The 3 massive hills we walked up twice each day.  Yes start at the VERY bottom and come all the way up.  This is why I’m glad I don’t teach spin again for another few days!


Where Justin swam from- Alcatraz


Where I got my own mini triathlon on.  Let me just say that as great as a workout SoulCycle was, I realized how old I am.  I can’t keep a beat and “dance” on the bike, AND why is the music SO LOUD?!  I realize SoulCycle is taking over the nation by storm, but I just need a month’s worth of choreography lessons before attempting another… and some ear plugs.


I also tried a barre class at The Bar Method.  The wives figured we better stay in shape with all the froyo and sourdough we were consuming!  You barre ladies… O.M.G.  My legs did the shake the entire 1 hour.  Who knew spin teachers were actually not that strong in their legs.

Great trip, will DEFINITELY be back next year if all goes as planned.

Ever been to San Fran?

Ever tried SoulCycle or Barre?

Think Justin is crazy or does this make you want to race Alcatraz?


7 thoughts on “San Fran

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip!! We were in San Fran when I was just 16 weeks pregnant with L, and those hills were killer! But I loved it- such a fun city. Haven’t tried soul cycle, but I was cracking up at your comments- I have much less tolerance for crazy loud music these days, too!

  2. Change of Pace says:

    Congratulations to Justin- he did amazing, as did his friends!! My girlfriend raced it and did really well, especially considering her baby is eight months old! The swim absolutely terrifies me; I’d need someone to push me off that ferry!
    Looks like you guys had an awesome trip; hope you go back next year so you can enjoy the Mighty Mai Tais!!
    I adore San Fran!

  3. Karen Loves to Run (@karenlovestorun) says:

    Congratulations to Justin- amazing job! It looks like you had a great time from your pic (ps – I love those earrings!). I went to San Fran once and it was lots of fun, I can’t wait to go back with my soon to be husband (last time I went it was w my parents).
    I am terrified to take a barre class for the shaky legs reason! I know that’s not really a good reason but the class definitely intimidates me. First I need to conquor the bike in spin class! :p
    Karen @karenlovestorun

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