Keep It Going Over Vacay

I’m currently at the beach and what a difference east coast beach weather is from sunny, but chilly San Francisco!


Another HUGE difference… the food!  San Francisco did not have one restaurant where everything wasn’t local or organic.  Ok so there was a KFC and Taco Bell there, but I pretended like I didn’t see it.

Unfortunately, where I am is QUITE different.  There is one grocery store which is about the size of the downstairs of my house (NOT big) and all of the restaurants are fried seafood.  Yes, some of the seafood will be local, but it will also be hidden under layers of deep fry.  While at once this appealed to me, and probably still does to most people, my stomach starts gurgling at the thought of it.  Go ahead and laugh at me, but my body has been trained (except when it comes to the ice cream down there, different story).

So, how do you keep up your healthy lifestyle when on the road?

SHOCKER- It requires planning and extra packing.  BUT it’s so worth it.  Ever come back from a vacation feeling awful- too many margaritas (wish I’d have that problem) and one too many fried oysters?  Here’s my solution.

1) If there’s something you LOVE on vacation, indulge!  Don’t deprive, just surround yourself with better choices the rest of the time!  We eat breakfast and lunch at the house and dinner out on this vacation.  I know my breakfast and lunch will be clean, but will indulge come nighttime.  It’s good for you 😉

2) Grab an XL cooler and some ziplock bags.  I knew I wanted organic fruit protein smoothies everyday.  I also knew I wanted Gentry’s pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized milk).  Yes, I admit I’m a bit of a food snob, but because I know what the alternatives offer.  So, I jam packed a cooler full of all those things I knew I couldn’t get for the week down there:

milk, yogurt, eggs, organic frozen fruit / veggies and Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers.

3) Stuff a reusable bag with snacks.  These snacks could be the bulk bin of nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, fruit, homemade muffins, etc.  This will prevent you from dipping into the Doritos section of your beach’s grocery store.  What did I pack?

oatmeal, cereal, nuts, almond butter, raisins, quinoa, lentils, rice cakes, Health Warrior Chia Bars and salad dressing


See… it’s more work and requires more space in your car, but I have been oh so happy to have my regulars on vacation.  I understand plane flights are a little different, but think about the dry goods you can carry on to save you money and calories!

As far as working out goes, I brought my Mac along so I can access DailyBurn’s workout plan for me.

I realize I could make up my own workouts, and could even watch my own Virtual Gym, but there’s something fun about having someone else yell at you for once.

I am taking it easy on the running until baby #2 comes.  My back is hating me whenever I go out for a jog but my lungs and legs are loving it.  Tough battle.  Anyone have an air jogger I could use?

How do you eat clean while on vacation?

Where do you vacation every year and what is your favorite indulgence?




6 thoughts on “Keep It Going Over Vacay

  1. Karen Loves to Run (@karenlovestorun) says:

    It’s really hard to stay on track with healthy eating when traveling. I’m packing snacks for Hawaii and I know there will be lots of fresh fish and fruit while we are there so hopefully I’ll be able to make good choices.
    Genrty’s beach style is adorable! Hope you are all enjoying the sun and sand! 🙂

  2. milesandblessings says:

    Oh her little green swim suit is SO cute :). I just love vacation…it is your last one as a family of 3!!!! :). We vacation FL…and have since we have been married. We go once a year. We have a family member that has a house and a boat down there and lets us use it. I think as our girls are getting older though that we are going to take them to other places….just hard to pass up a free vacation :). I try to eat healthy on vacation…but don’t stress over it and I can find most of what I like in FL. I usually just like a lot of fruit in the warmer FL weather anyways and that is healthy :). I also love running on vacation so I don’t worry about it too much 🙂

  3. vitatrain4life says:

    You both look so friggin adorable!!! And YES I absolutely pack a huge cooler and bags of food when we drive to a vacation destination. Always. Also because I’m starving as soon as I wake-up and if I don’t have something healthy first thing – it gets ugly fast!! Enjoy your vacation mama!!

  4. Kim says:

    Totally agree that it’s all about planning! Since I have a son with a bunch of a food allergies, I have to be pretty diligent about that anyway, so at this point I’d feel naked going anywhere without tons of food with me!

    Have fun at the beach! 🙂

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