If you didn’t check my RVA Barre review then you don’t know I’ve been obsessing over this new workout just slightly lately. In a span of 8 days, I took 4 classes. If they had childcare, that number would’ve been doubled.
LOVE the low-impact, muscle isolation, reaching areas I never knew existed exercises.  Here is a classic example… and thank you for the visual Suzanne!

HATE the cost, the lack of childcare and the fact that I can’t walk for at least 36 hours after. I also hate how cute everyone else looks at those classes. Apparently too tight tanks and tights are not in for the general public.


How have I been teaching for 6 months without it?
LOVE that I can change my playlist each and every class for $9.99/month and that I can take a hiatus during maternity leave and return to my playlists still there. Also enjoying checking out others’ playlists and now working.

Here is my playlist for tonight’s cycle class…

HATE when they don’t have a version of a song I want. I heard a Happy Remix by Kaytranada I’m obsessed with at SoulCycle in San Francisco and I can’t get ol’ Spotify to find it. Any suggestions? And if you ask Justin, he hates that I’m glued to the computer from 7-8:30 every night making new playlists.

The Feed Zone Cookbook


I just mentioned this last post, but seriously, try this out.
LOVE the quick, easy and clean recipes that are unique but jammed with just the right amount of nutrients Justin and I need for our active lifestyles.
HATE that Justin can eat 10+ servings of things and not gain weight while I can’t even fit 1 serving in now. Baby, I love me some food so move over.

Artic Zero Ice Cream

Protein and a treat all in one.
LOVE that it is made of whey protein (since my doc ordered me to eat more of that to help baby grow) and that’s it’s 150 calories per pint. Yes, eat the entire pint people.
Disclaimer- do try to purchase organic whey protein when available since it comes from the moo.
HATE that Justin keeps eating the entire thing before I can get my hands on it. Who’s the pregnant one here?

Getting certifications

Justin keeps reminding me how many weeks pregnant I am (31 now) and that people are scared when they see me teaching or showing up for a certification course for fear I may deliver the baby on spot. I say welcome to 2014 😉
LOVE that DC is holding a Fitness Conference July 31-August 3. I am going to take a Leslee Bender Barre Certification course (go figure).

My obsession has turned into getting some more Continuing Education Credits before this babe comes. I’m also wanting to take the Piloxing Cert course when the convention comes to Richmond in October. Can a newborn come along?
HATE how you have to renew your certs every 2 years. I feel like I’m
constantly spending money to renew and hardly getting paid a thing. Advice from those that have done it for awhile?

Give me a love/hate you’re experiencing right now!


4 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. Heather @fitncookies says:

    Love Spotify! I found it right when I started teaching classes and it’s a huge money saver. I have my husbands student discount and it’s $5 a month- you can’t beat it! I am going to check out your playlist and add songs! Finding music is like my least favorite thing! Love teaching classes- hate they are all at night haha

  2. Kim says:

    LOVE barre! I’ve been doing Suzanne’s prenatal barre DVD and it’s awesome (and much cheaper!). I’m super grateful that my yoga studio (where they offer barre) has childcare too, if I do go to a class.

  3. milesandblessings says:

    🙂 ha this totally reminded me when I was pregnant ….like really pregnant….with my second and I went to my gym to use the treadmill and when I gave my card to the guy at the desk he told me not to have the baby there 🙂 hehe!!!!

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