Pregnancy update

I have been extremely MIA from the blogging world. I’ve gotten really into my nutrition clients and making up playlists for Bootcamp and spin that I just haven’t had time! I only see this getting worse as the baby arrives in 5 weeks! So bare with me please!
Wanted to give you a 34 week belly update. I’m having a c-section August 20th, so SHE will at least be here by then!! Crazy!!

Here is my


Here is my watermelon bump at the moment. Doesn’t everyone sport these colors in honor of summertime?!

Weeks : 34

Weight Gain: 15-17 pounds, depending on the day and how much ice cream I consumed the night before.

Cravings:  Appetite has been great- I can literally eat anything, just not much after lunch.  Dinner the other night was half a piece of corn just because I literally could NOT fit anything else in my stomach.  However, I am still able to fit Chocolate Almond Milk Ice Cream with PB2 in there every evening…

Discomforts: just about everything now from feeling the waddle, to heartburn, to not wanting to move much past 2PM.

Things I’m loving: getting oh so close to THE DAY! I am actually wanted to organize drawers Gentry has utterly destroyed and fold up all newborn outfits in the nursery dresser. Was Gentry ever really that tiny?!


AHH Look at her now!

Names:  We officially have 4 names we love. But, WE AREN’T SHARING.  I started sharing about 2 months ago and family and friends started making comments I didn’t like so I stopped!  We aren’t deciding until THE DAY, because then Justin will go tell everyone our little secret.  He thinks things are still considered a secret if he only tells one person a day…

Things I need to get on: Cleaning out the old car seat, getting the infant seat carrier adjustment for my double City Select stroller, sanitizing all my bottles and pumping equipment) they’ve been used as toys by G for the past year) and cook some things to freeze.

I’m thinking protein pancakes, protein muffins, salads in a jar and healthy casseroles or things I can just stick in the oven altogether for under 30 minutes and go.  Any suggestions?!

So, what prompted this post?


This picture.  I took it while we were vacationing in Charleston this weekend (Gentry’s first boat road and she LOVED it) and I immediately thought…

Wow am I pregnant.

I will try to stay in touch a little more but follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more daily picture updates please!

What have you been up to lately?

Pregnant mamas- how’s it going?

Anyone- what things can I bake ahead of time that will make life easier once baby comes?!

14 thoughts on “Pregnancy update

  1. jessielovestorun says:

    Can you be anymore adorable?!!! Seriously, your one of those ladies that everyone hopes to look like when pregnant 🙂

    Aw, Gentry is such a cutie pie. She’s going to be such a sweet big sister! Not too much longer until the big day! Woo Hoo ❤

  2. Jade says:

    I really dislike when people have to comment on your name choices! There really is no surprises anymore with child birth it seems – like every one has to know what sex you are having and then the next question is always and what’s the name. We have a few in our short list too but I just say we haven’t thought about it.

    I also can eat a lot in the morning, I’ll have a good lunch and then the baby will move into a bad position and I then I feel overfilled and that feeling doesn’t go away until really late – I’ll be hungry but I just can’t put anymore in!

  3. vitatrain4life says:

    You look adorable!!! And, I know you will absolutely do this but please pick the names YOU both want and who cares what other people think. Do you know how many people say “what?” when I tell them my son’s name is Vaughn? Do I care? Nope!! Enjoy your last few weeks. Cannot wait to see newborn pics!!!
    PS – where are you getting this chocolate almond milk ice cream????

  4. Kim says:

    You’re so tiny and cute! I’d love to snag just a few of your genes. 🙂 I think it’s definitely a good idea to hold back your name ideas for that exact reason–for some reason people think it’s ok to share their opinions before you’ve decided, but once she’s here, they have no choice but to accept! Good luck with your last month!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I looked like you when I was pregnant! I looked like a busted can of biscuits lol. Seriously, how exciting she’s almost here! And what is it about guys not being able to keep a secret?! My hubby called his mom as I was throwing away the positive pregnancy test, sheesh!

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