Quick Clean Dinners and Poltergeist

So I’m 34 weeks pregnant and things are starting to get a little freaky around here for everyone…


Maybe G is already craving attention?  Maybe she’s filming an episode of Poltergeist?  Maybe this is our “full moon” before baby comes?  I don’t know, but she isn’t jumping, dancing or singing, she’s just very still.  Freaky.

Thought I’d share some quick and easy CLEAN meals as I start to think about my lack of time to prep meals in the upcoming weeks.  G gave me a whiff of that today when I was STARVING after teaching 2 classes and literally wanted to stuff the entire loaf of bread in my mouth.  But, being the possessed child that she is (I kid), she grabbed my computer, immediately saying “Peppa Pig Please” directly followed by “Food Please.”  At least the kid has manners.  Meanwhile, I was dripping in egg yolk with about 5 different pans of things being heated on the stove- like I said, I was beyond starving.  But who can say no to this face?


Going to need to rethink my elaborate lunch salads when Baby #2 arrives… that or for all you friends out there, instead of bringing me over cute onesies when the baby arrives, hire me a private chef 🙂

Drum roll…

Lettuce Wrap Quickies…

Grilled shrimp, long grain rice and brussels… topped with a lot of nutritional yeast


Romaine lettuce head, wild caught shrimp, nutritional yeast, roasted brussels, Lundenburg long grain rice and salsa.

Bison lettuce burgers with sauteed kale and peppers (ok I even admit this might be too many greens)


Ground bison, a head of romaine, a bunch of kale, coconut spray (JUST discovered this.  So much cleaner than the jar and a LOT less calories), a red and yellow pepper.  Bison sound weird to you?  Check this out.

Grilled chicken lettuce wraps an broccolini (I’ve actually been craving greens, what can I say, this baby is weird already).


Grilled chicken strips, pickles…. LOTS and LOTS of bread and butter pickles from Whole Foods… watch out for other store bought kinds and the chemicals they add… salsa and avocado.

Still grilled chicken with a stuffed oriental sweet potato (if you don’t eat the romaine lettuce within 3 days it really goes bad!).


Grilled chicken strips, romaine lettuce head, oriental sweet potato (NOT an orange sweet potato, try these, they will change your life… sometimes called Japanese sweet potatoes… white on the inside) and red pepper and yellow squash sauteed.

All these meals were ready in under 30 minutes.  Plus, I cooked the sweet potato and the grilled chicken the night before, so that meal literally took 3 minutes.

Even though I have a romaine lettuce theme going, you get the idea.  Overcook some meat the night before… quantity-wise, and wrap it up.  Just remember… protein + complex carbs at every meal will keep you full!

Here are some great complex and quick carbs…


What is your theory on G’s recent behavior?

What’s your go-to quickie… dinner?!






4 thoughts on “Quick Clean Dinners and Poltergeist

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    So many great ideas! This baby has craved greens throughout as well, although my cravings for something sweet have picked up these last few weeks. I’m mostly using smoothies and dried fruit to keep them satisfied. And so odd on her standing still!

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