A Day in the Life

We’re onto Week Two of Sutton’s life.  We are definitely in a groove, which I love, but I also know it’s going to change weekly, if not daily!

Here’s a rundown on my life with a newborn and tot…

6AM- Sutton is ready to feed.  I stalk Facebook and Instagram and probably “like” and comment on everyone’s photo so I at least feel like I’m in touch with the world.

Immediate shower.  TMI Alert… I ALWAYS release all those pregnancy hormones via night sweats.  I wash my sheets and myself every morning due to this “purge.”  I forget how long this lasted with Gentry but waking up in the middle of the night to feed is not only tiring, but gross!  Luckily, Justin is in the guest bedroom, so he doesn’t wake up smelling just as lovely.

6:45AM- Breakfast


A huge bowl of Whole Foods 365 brand High Fiber O’s, Nature’s Gluten-Free Path Mesa Sunrise, oatmeal, ground flax, chia seeds, organic greek vanilla yogurt, brewer’s yeast and organic strawberries.  Breakfast is EASILY 600-700 calories for me.  But, as the day progresses, my meals get smaller and smaller.  Not to mention I’m literally gnawing once I’m up to eat again after dinner.  Why Brewer’s Yeast?  I heard that it increases milk supply?!  Plus it has 8g of protein and only 35 calories in 1 tablespoon.  I’ll take that.

Yes, I drink hot water.

7:30-8AM- The tornado (AKA Gentry) wakes up.  We change, eat breakfast (I froze a bunch of quinoa banana bites- literally just cooked quinoa, bananas and cinnamon- oatmeal squares and apple kale muffins for her, which have been a life saver).

8:30-9AM- Sutton is ready to feed again and Gentry is ready to launch into destructive mode.  So, I put Peppa Pig on youtube and we bond through the piggies.  I also down a smoothie


1 scoop of Organic Whey Protein powder, 1 tablespoon of PB2, 1/2 cup almond milk and 1 banana.

10AM- We are out the door to do something… ANYTHING to wear Gentry out- playground, pool, water park, friends’ homes, etc.  The one thing I’m NOT trying anytime soon alone- a store.  Gentry will NOT even let me put her into a shopping cart (she’s got the stiff body move down pretty darn good).  Plus, I still can’t lift her.  She gets bored of the little kid shopping cart and I refuse to push around the HUGE car in front of the shopping cart.  Suggestions?

11:30-12PM- Feed everyone.  My mom made a huge batch of this healthy chicken salad for Gentry.

I’ve been eating this literally every. single. day. of my pregnancy and beyond-

2 eggs, Dr. Praeger’s kale burger, peas, tomatoes, avocado and pickles

1PM- Gentry goes down for nap.  And by “go down” I mean she talks for at least 1.5 hours before sleeping.  Some days she’ll go 3 hours, as happy as can be!  This is kind of nice, considering I have 1-5 most days to just hang out with Sutton (and sit down).  Love that girl, but need to wait until my sleeping is more consistent to keep up with her!

2PM- Chia bar attack.

1PM-4/5PM- Sutton feeds around 2:30 and then we literally just lay around, catching up on God-awful TV shows like Bachelor Paradise (I’m way too old to care about this but am somehow hooked) and our new fave… Chrisley Knows Best.  Where has this guy been hiding?

Seriously, watch it if you ever have a free moment.  Comes on the USA Network.

Sometimes I even get the urge to restock the frozen food section of our house


4-5:30PM- We find some kind of entertainment for Gentry while Justin is fixing dinner and I’m feeding Sutton, yet again.




I’m too lazy to leave the backyard, so we try to turn it into an island oasis for all.  You’d totally vacation here, right?

5:30PM – Eat dinner.  Justin has been a SAINT and been cooking for us all.  Luckily I have a lot of frozen things to throw in the oven, but he’s become quite the master chef.  I’m going to hate when he has to go back to a 9-5 job!





He actually sent me this picture at 4AM titled “Blog Material.”

7PM- Give Gentry a bath, read her a story and put her to sleep.  Proceed to fall asleep on couch until Sutton is ready to feed at 8PM.

8PM- Feed, put her down, put ourselves down and pray for some sleep 😉

11/12 PM/AM- Feed Sutton

2/3AM- Feed Sutton

5/6AM- Feed Sutton

6AM- Back to square one.

So for all your expecting or new mamas, or those just so bored you want to know what I do with my days… here you go.  Off to catch some zzz’s before my next milking session.  Speaking of which, got a great response from my I HATE BREASTFEEDING comment last post, so will be devoting an entire one to that soon.

How does a day in the life of you differ?

Any suggestions on keeping a toddler at home and happily entertained?


6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Tina Muir says:

    I love this! Your posts are always so fun to read! Glad you are a cereal lover too. When you said about the yeast, is that nutritional yeast? I have never really understood it! Day in the life of you doesn’t look too bad at all 🙂

  2. Lindsey says:

    You’ve totally got this! Super mom status!!

    PS – feel free to come visit us down the street (or send Gentry down to play with Luca while you get some sleep!) I’m sure they would wear each OTHER out… Perfect 🙂

  3. Change of Pace says:

    This sounds absolutely exhausting! You moms are seriously incredible, amazing beings! And I love that gentry is called a tornado, and that Justin takes care of dinner.
    My day in the life differs just a little 🙂 I wish I could come take a nighttime feeding for you so you could sleep!

  4. vitatrain4life says:

    Oh mama!! I’m tired just reading this! I love that he sent you that picture with that caption – genius! I also love how prepared you were with Gentry’s frozen foods – you go! I’m also dying to know what this Chrisley character is all about… 😉 Glad you’re all doing so well!!!

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