Justin’s Weekend

This weekend Justin has trekked down to Chattanooga with about 150+ other Richmond triathletes for the city’s first Ironman.

I am almost sick I couldn’t go because I love the hype of these races… and I’m also secretly crossing my fingers for a Kona 2015 bid from this race and want to be there for when he finds out he’s going 😉  His race days are like the Superbowl for me… I’m such a dork.

If you want to follow him, make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!  I’ll be posting progress during the race Sunday!  or follow all the athletes HERE.


So what does one do with a husband-less weekend a terrible twos toddler and a newborn?


Invest in 6 pints of ice-cream and frozen pizza.

And lots of sister bonding over tummy time.


And to leave you with something in this post… I plan on attempting to make these for dinner Sunday (that is if the little ones both nap at the same time and give me more than 10 minutes of freedom)!

Homemade Pumpkin Burgers!

What are you up to this weekend?

Who wants to drive me and the girls 8+ hours to TN to watch Justin?!



9 thoughts on “Justin’s Weekend

  1. Carrie says:

    Cute tummy time picture. Interesting fact, do you know that face in baby wearing counts as tummy time? My colic/GI issue/ always in pain youngest could not tolerate being on her tummy that long. My pediatrician and my friend who is an OT shared that tidbit. Since I wore her sometimes 22 hrs a day, that was awesome news! At age 3 I still consider her colicky at night, ha!!

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