My Race Calendar!

I thought I’d never post about this again, but race season is just getting started for me!  Justin is finishing up his… he did AMAZING at Chattanooga.  He came in 8th in his age division and 61st overall out of 2349 athletes.  Not too shabby.  He has one more race this season at Ironman Florida… and then he’s done… well until early 2015.  Maybe I can get him to enjoy some pumpkin pie and egg nog in between?!


Sutton was cheering VERY loudly for him.

So for me… I have two half marathons coming up before I indulge in the pumpkin pie.  I last minute found two bibs to the sold out Hershey Half Marathon for me and Justin in 2 weeks (EECK).

We will be up that way for my nephew’s birthday party, so I figured why not use it as a training run for the mid-November Richmond Half Marathon?

No clue what the Hershey Half will bring.  With my luck it’ll be one big hill.  But, I do know the RVA Half is completely flat.  Maybe getting the hard one out of the way first will be best?  Although I can’t imagine the RVA Half is going to have a finish line reward as good as the Hershey…

How have I been training?  Well, Sutton usually takes a bottle any time between 5-7AM.  When Justin is working out, I set my alarm for 5 and run as far as I can on the treadmill until she wakes.  Then I go back and run as far as I can until Gentry wakes.  Not ideal, but it’s how a mama gets in her miles.  Justin took this week completely off (gasp) and let me go out for one long chunk while he stayed back to feed.


I’ve been running 7 miles pretty consistently on the treadmill, catching up on series premieres since we go to bed right after the 8PM feeding now.  I did manage 10 outside miles this morning thanks to Justin taking over a feeding.  While the Hershey Half is just going to be full of a fun run with Justin (who am I kidding he’ll never go over a 7-minute mile pace) and lots of chocolate… I’m going to see how close to my 2013 RVA Half time I can get.


Maybe I’ll have these cuties as my cheering crowd for motivation (Gentry and her neighborhood boyfriends.  She’s going to have a tough time choosing just one)


And on a completely separate note… this happened.


State Fair 2014.  This will turn into a tradition.  Although, looking back, why did we ever let them put these clothes and hats on us that have clearly been worn by just about everyone within a 100 mile radius?!

PS- I want to do another Summer Sanitize Challenge for the pre-holiday season.  If you are interested PLEASE comment below before I do all the work and have no challenge group members!

Mamas- how do you fit in training?

Non-mamas- How do you fit in training with work and life?

State Fairs- yay or nay?

6 thoughts on “My Race Calendar!

  1. Tina Muir says:

    YAYYYY! How exciting!!!! So happy for you, and that is very soon, so not much time to fret about it. Just have fun, and this is just the start of your comeback, you have plenty to give, and lots of good achievements to come, I am sure 🙂 Congrats to Justin too!

  2. waninger55 says:

    I’d love to do a sanitize challenge with you or link up to promote it with you on my blog too! I’ve been fitting in my runs from 4:30-6 like you kind of stop and go as i can 🙂

  3. vitatrain4life says:

    That is awesome!!! We go to Hershey every summer and I’ve always wanted to go back and do the half. HersheyPark does everything well, and I’m sure the race will be no exception…plus, there will be tons of chocolate perks, I’m sure, and I don’t recall it being too hilly there so…
    Congrats to Justin as well. He is ridiculous!!

  4. Change of Pace says:

    Wow- I’m so impressed with you, Emma! You truly are one of my momma fitspirations!
    Hershey half will be great for you to get back into things!
    And Justin got 8th in his AG- amazing! His age group is always pretty stacked!
    I start work at 7, so have trouble fitting in anything before work. Everything is done right after work with the occasional noon workout! I have no idea what it’ll look like once a baby is here 🙂

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