Hershey Half Marathon Recap

We had a great weekend up in PA celebrating my nephew’s birthday


at a farm… coolest birthday party ever!  Sutton made an appearance through 10 layers of clothes,


and running the Hershey Half Marathon.  Overall, I’d highly recommend this course as it was very well organized with people directing runners and cones counting down even some tenths of miles throughout the entire race.

Not to mention there was a candy station around Mile 11.  Who needs a GU when you can have KitKats?

Note.. this is NOT my picture.  I don’t document things… remember?

Pre-race, we took a tour of the “Hershey Plant” AKA a theme park ride throughout a made up factory.  I guess people riding through the actual factory isn’t exactly the cleanest thing?!


Gentry loved it and Sutton even stayed awake to watch all the lights!  The best thing I saw there…

Again, not my picture because I would’ve devoured them before a snapshot could’ve been taken!

These Reese Cups.  Two GIANT ones.  I died.  Unfortunately, I didn’t buy because I would NOT have been able to eat just one, which would’ve left one heck of a stomachache.  Maybe next trip to Hershey I should train for eating them rather than for running a half marathon!

It was a CHILLY start (40 degrees) and about 15-20 MPH winds.



 Bad call for pre-race time but perfect outfit for the run.

The run… A LOT hillier than I thought.  And I’m talking l—o—-n—-g gradual hills, with a few short but steep ones when we ran through the park (which was really cool).  But, there were two hills we got to skip that I was really going to throw in the towel with.  I have never been so happy when we veered off to the left right before then!

I ran under an alias… only because the race was sold out when I went to sign up so I found an injured friend of my SIL’s.  I ended up 2nd place in her age group and Justin, who also ran under an alias, managed to win his 45 year old women’s age group 😉 Now THAT’S an accomplishment!


My only beef with the race… why did we get a HUGE oatmeal raisin cookie at CHOCOLATE world?  I was so pumped when I initially saw it only to have my dreams and taste buds crushed when I realized they were raisins.  BOO.

Looking forward to flat roads at the RVA Half in one month.  And, realized that not training actually produces better results than training… so I’ll keep running randomly on the treadmill between the girls’ naps until then!

Ever been to Hershey Park?

Fave candy?

Anyone else race?


13 thoughts on “Hershey Half Marathon Recap

  1. Change of Pace says:

    I was astounded at your time- and even moreso with how hilly the race was! You killed it!! A huge congratulations!! Are you sore now?
    Glad you guys had fun celebrating with family, too 🙂

  2. vitatrain4life says:

    LOVE IT!!!..except for the bunk cookie at the end? What’s up with that??? You ran and amazing time for not really training – holy Hershey girl!!! And, I seriously love that place. I may have to run this next year!

  3. Kate says:

    You crack me up! Congratulations! You are one inspiring mama! Sounds like a fun race & I definitely think you should have received a big fat chocolate bar at the end of the race instead of the oatmeal raisin cookie!!

  4. Carrie says:

    I am from PA, near Philly. There are no flat courses here! We have hills. My sister and Mon used to live in Glen Allen, VA and when I visited I made sure to get some good workouts in. Flat, so flat! In any case, great job!!! Don’t understand the oatmeal cookie but I am guessing it was cheaper.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Despite what I’ve heard about the hills this race has been on my bucket list since I found out it existed. Sharing your disapointment with the raisin cookie though, I would have loved a bag full of chocolate. Congrats!

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