Life Lately

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


We spent the evening with these cuties.

As you can tell, life has gotten in the way since then, hence the lack of posts.  Just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately…


I’m teaching 2 barre classes a week and LOVING it.  It is by far my favorite format.  I teach two awesome groups of women (men don’t be scared) and I’m constantly wanting to make up new routines to please/shake them.  I bought the book Physique57 and have been following their format pretty closely.  If you haven’t tried barre, give it a shot.  You won’t leave super sweaty, but you’ll leave class a bit humbled and like you were in a porn video… my morning class constantly compares their tucks to some compromising positions 😉

Here is my favorite move to try from the book:

Thigh dancing… it is impossible to not feel the burn.  My favorite song to do this to… Fireball by Pitbull.

Potty Training


Wow.  Throw a sick 3 month old in the mix and motherhood has never been so trying.


I decided just to rip the band-aid off and get it done this weekend since it’s supposed to be cold and rainy.  My method- put G in her choice of undies (Dora, if you must know) and reward her going in her own potty with M&M’s (ok, not M&M’s since they’re against everything I stand for, but organic chocolate knock-offs).

We’ve had SEVERAL accidents, not to mention the dog puked on the carpet, but I think (think) we are starting to get the concept.  I am putting her in a regular diaper for nighttime.  I figure conquer one part of the day at a time.  We even made a trip out to Kroger, where I literally sprinted across the store for more paper towels… yea we’ve had quite a few accidents.

The positive spin on this… G is SO happy when she actually goes, and is so needy when she needs to go… which is kind of cute coming from my super independent 2.5 year old.

Meal Planning

Unfortunately, this has taken a back seat with Justin traveling for work and sick kiddos.  My 7-day plan I was hoping to launch in December has also taken a back seat.  But, I did make a huge pot of this and have been eating it everyday for lunch…

Baby Scheduling

Hard to believe Sutton will be 4 months Dec 18th.


Here’s her “routine”

7-7:30AM- wake up and eat 6 ounces

8:30/9- Nap #1, which is usually on the go or at the Y while I’m teaching

10/10:30- 6 ounce bottle

12- Nap #2

1:30/2- 6 ounce bottle

3/3:30- Nap #3

4:30- 6 ounce bottle

And this is where we are transitioning.  She can’t quite make it long, but if she stays up and is fussy, she sleeps in longer.  If she naps before bedtime, she’s awake earlier… put up with it at night or in the morning?!

6- cat nap

7- bath, 6 ounce bottle

7:30- bed

and then the journey starts all over!

She is SUCH a good baby and is rolling with Gentry’s punches.  I’m just glad G came first.. she’s a little more diva than go with the flow.

What’s life been like for you lately?






5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Aimee says:

    Soup looks interesting, almost as interesting as the Lentil/Quinoa/Cauliflower/Spinach soup I made tonight! A year ago I would have never dreamed of making this!

  2. Carrie says:

    I potty trained both my girls at 16 and 17 months. For me, they made it super easy. We cloth diapered due to allergies ( yup, hives, 2nd degree burn..) and I think that made it easier. They both were partially trained prior to my week long boot camp. I swear by naked potty training. First day, in a dress with nothing on. 2nd day, part of day in undies, then third day we may use undies and pants. As for night time, it is developmental and really is hard to train. I was lucky, both girls were out of night time diapers before age 3. I am currently trying to teach my new 4 year old how to wipe after, well you get the idea. She has sensory issues and is horrified. After the first time she washed her hands for 5 min I think! Good luck!

  3. Change of Pace says:

    Thanks for the update. Your gals are so precious. Glad to hear the potty training is going 🙂
    So cool you are teaching two barre classes. I only took one class (a couple weeks after an Ironman last year) and though I was going to be a pile on the floor at the end. I’d love to do it more often, but there aren’t any studios close to where I live!
    Life has been…different here 🙂

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