Protein Bars

Ah the protein bar

20g of protein that tastes just like a Snickers bar?!  Still a Snickers, just with protein.

 TWO things:

1.  Better ways to get protein

2.  How much protein is really needed


The best way to get what your body needs is by consuming what God put on this earth for us- whole foods.  Not to mention, REAL food costs up to three times less than protein bars (SOURCE)

  In my last post, I touched on soy protein isolate- a protein often used in these bars.  Other proteins bars use similar forms of proteins, where they chemically isolate a particular protein and infuse it into their bars.   Try limiting man-made protein.  Always, always always… whole food protein is going to be better for you than added ones.

What are the best sources of whole food protein?

SOURCE (not sure what kind of bagel they used for this, but I’ll take a bite…)


How much protein do you really need?

The average individual needs roughly 10-25% of their daily calories from it, or 45-55g a day.  This does not account for pregnant or nursing mothers, vegans, vegetarians or endurance athletes.  Marathoners and Ironman need 50% more protein than that recommendation during training.

So what happens when I continue to consume these high protein bars and don’t sign up for a marathon?

The 2006 review in the “International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism” reports that excess protein can exceed your liver’s ability to properly break down and excrete the protein, which can lead to toxin buildup in your blood (SOURCE).

Now this is a bit extreme, but a possibility.

Protein bars are extremely convenient, and I have totally eaten my fair share of them.  And, they are obviously better for you than

Here are my favorite “protein” bars

Nothing unnatural and just enough protein.

Usually 10 ingredients or less and on the lower end of the sugar spectrum.  Again, lower amounts of protein, but enough for the average individual.  Just read up on soy protein isolate before you buy some of their flavors.

Same as the bar above.  Just be sure to grab the nut-based ones to prevent sugar overloads

I love my Vega shake because the protein is all-natural plant based.  These bars carry much more protein than the above mentioned, but do carry 14g of sugar.  That amount of sugar is actually decent as we can’t expect any food except for kale to be perfect.

I am leaving out plenty of good “bars”, so feel free to comment below with your favorite!

And, sick of all these crappy ingredients making their way into your go-to foods?  Stay tuned for a challenge coming up that I’d love to have you join in on…


6 thoughts on “Protein Bars

  1. Jen says:

    What do you think about think thin bars? I started eat them allot but I realized that I was eating “fake” sugar and truly they made me feel Heavy. I tried your chia bars and LOVE them- I eat them with a potion powder shake mixed with the water and it’s super filling.

  2. vitatrain4life says:

    Always, always try and eat REAL FOOD. I love that, that is your message with whatever you write because I couldn’t agree more. I also love my Chia Bars and never leave for the gym without them!…and seriously a bagel has 10g??? Hmmmm.

  3. Lauren George says:

    Great post! I love all three of the bars you mentioned, but definitely believe in trying to get as much protein from whole foods as possible. Boiled eggs are my go to snack when I need some extra protein.

  4. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    LOVE chia bars, but I do also love my Quest bars. There is a time and place for them though. I agree about trying to get real sources of protein, but sometimes convenience wins.

  5. Carly @ Fine Fit Day says:

    Love your focus on food lately! You are preaching to the choir with me regarding non-whole food protein sources. I honestly think a lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to get their protein requirements from natural sources.

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