Shamrock Half and Speak Up 5K

In 2 weeks I will be running the Shamrock Half Marathon.  My first post baby race I’ve actually trained to do!  I have flat roads on my side, but  possible FREEZING beach winds against me.  My goal is to creep into the 1:27 range.

This race is far more about a PR though.  Last year at this very race, Cameron Gallagher set out to finish 13.1 miles.  That she did.


However, soon after crossing the finish line, she collapsed and passed onto a much better place than all of us are.

Cameron had a story before that dreadful day.   From the Speak Up 5K website:

The truth is that Cameron struggled and she battled sadness. There were times when it got so hard on her that she couldn’t go to school. Grace and I stayed with her, but it was her battle to fight. We worried for her and got her help. But every day, even when it was at its worse, Cameron woke up committed to fighting her good fight. She never quit and was constantly developing new strategies to cope with her sadness. She would fill notebooks with positive quotes, she would write them on paper and hang them on her walls, there were all over our house. Every were she was, she had positive quotes written and near her. She fought every day to become the person she knew should could be, a happy and positive leader.

Cameron had made a commitment to create a 5k race dubbed the speakup5k.  After she died, Grace and I found the complete plans for the race, the sponsorship request, even the speeches she would give. Cameron wanted to “speak up” for positive causes and challenge people to “be nice.” She created a mission to support different causes each year that met the vision of the speakup5K. The race would become an inspiration to people to become better athletes, husbands, wives, siblings, friends or community members. She wanted people to speak up and help others in need. We had no idea that she had been working on this. She had prepared her life for her legacy and she completed her race. It’s fitting that her final moment was the completion of a life goal and a smile.

Justin got to know Cameron’s father very well.  They even did Ironman Florida together this past fall.


I have been privileged to get to know the family over the past couple months as well.  We may have even shared a party bus last month.


No comment.

So, it is no surprise that I am raising funds to keep her idea alive, to help others that struggled like she did.  The Speak Up 5K is scheduling many various events locally in the upcoming years.  Check out their website to see how you can get involved.

If you feel it in your heart to help me raise funds going towards this awesome cause, please visit my fundraising page HERE.  Even the tiniest pledge will make a huge impact in others’ lives.

THANK YOU!  Let’s finish this!

4 thoughts on “Shamrock Half and Speak Up 5K

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Wow, this is awesome. I just got goose bumps reading this. Awesome Emma, just awesome!

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