My last official week going vegetarian.  I am learning new things and changing my mind daily.  On this previous post, I mentioned how I was NOT feeling vegetarian.  But, Justin and I finally pulled the trigger and watched  Forks Over Knives.  I knew all about Colin Campbell from reading The China Study, but having a visual made much more of an impact.

Of course, there is MUCH controversy over this documentary and Campbell’s work.  The study they created included 367 variables, 65 counties in China, and 6,500 adults (who completed questionnaires, blood tests, etc.).  They had more than 8,000 statistically significant associations between lifestyle, diet, and disease variables.  I can’t say I agree 100%, but I wanted to share the two of the most striking facts I found with you.  Take them or leave them, just remember NO scientific study is without flaws and there is always a way to “interpret” the data to your liking.

#1 Casein was like a light switch for cancer.  Turning it on when rats consumed it and turning it off once they stopped.  What is casein?  Cow milk protein.  Where can you find casein?  In all dairy products.

Yes, rats are not human.  But who wants to gamble with that statistic?

#2 Norwegians were taken over by the Germans in 1939.  Germans confiscated ALL livestock from this group of people in order to feed their own troops.  This forced the Norwegians to eat only plant-based foods.  When they were released from the Germans in 1945, they were again able to consume animal products.  Check out the graph below and see if it does not sync up with a plant vs animal-based diet.

How am I using this information?  Whether you believe in Campbell’s work or not, we are officially off dairy.  I still plan to research skeptics and will change should I hear otherwise, but with all the cancer prevalent in this world, I’m sold Campbell.  This means switching Gentry from cow’s milk to another form, which gives her equal nutritional value without that supposed cancer switch.  This also means ditching my greek yogurt every morning.

As far as ALL animal products, I plan to take my favorite author’s advice…

We will not be strict vegetarians, but we will eat MOSTLY plants.  Fish, a bison burger, they will be a part of our household, just not as much as a big old plate of veggies


oops… I said veggies right?!


We are still planning a month of paleo though!



7 thoughts on “Casein

  1. Jen says:

    I loved that documentary. Very powerful… I went dairy free when nursing scout. Only thing I missed was GY. :/ well ok and ice cream.

  2. Carrie says:

    I have serious gut issues with dairy but still consume it in small amounts. That said, my youngest is the only one that drinks milk consistently and that is about 2 to 4 oz a day. We like yogurt, not sure if my oldest could give it up. I am torn especially with yogurt. They way yogurt is made, makes me feel like it is better. But my oldest never drank milk and I never searched for an alternative. She nursed until she was 20 months. Our pediatrician asked me when I brought up that I was not giving her milk if she ate a well rounded diet. When I said yes, he shrugged his shoulders and said Milk is a drink. It has calcium and vitamins that you can get from food. It is not a necessary part of a child’s diet. I still do not get the obsession with a lot of Mom’s to fill those cups up with tons of milk. Of course I have my Mom and Mother in law who 100% disagree with me!!! As for plant based, I have my husband who would stop eating at home if I did that!!! But we go through a large bag of kale mix, carrots, peppers, and spinach every few days so I think we do a good job.

    • bemomstrong says:

      Spunds like you’re doing an awesome job eating a balanced diet and that’s much more important than worrying about one single food item. Yogurt throws me for a loop too. Off to research!

  3. vitatrain4life says:

    Interesting. This makes me want to do more research. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, I do eat a ton of plants (and fruits) but I absolutely like a good filet or bison burger. Like most things, moderation is key and that is probably my most fav quote from Michael Pollen 🙂

  4. Change of Pace says:

    I haven’t watched it because sometimes I think ignorance is bliss! I currently drink almond milk but I do eat cheese, and I just don’t know how easy I could give up a good veggie pizza 🙂

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