Teags and Ry

Taking a break from depressing food posts to share with you a company my college roommate’s sister has started.  In LOVE with mom-run businesses!

Meet Teags and Ry


Two moms dedicated to their family, but also to sharing their awesome talents.  What do they make?

This picture captures some of their line of goodies.





blankets, pillows, even kid t-shirts.

My personal favorite is this one… LOVE the colors.

They are also committed to their community by supporting the Cullen Children’s Foundation through service and monetarily.

Alyse and Jayme (co-owners) have graciously offered a 20% off code to Be Mom Strong readers which ONLY lasts THIS Friday-Sunday.  Use the code: STRONG20 when visiting them


Also visit them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates on what’s to come from this fresh, new company!

What sport would you love to see them celebrate next?


I’m off to VA Beach for the Shamrock Half Marathon!


My last race (November 2014), with another college roommate.  Hoping it’s #1 not that cold and #2 a little faster 😉  Will be posting on Insta and Twitta if you’re interested!  Remember to check out why I’m so pumped to run this particular race HERE.

3 thoughts on “Teags and Ry

  1. vitatrain4life says:

    OMG what a great idea! I have a hockey mom friend who is going to LOVE this stuff.
    Good luck with the race my speedy sister. I can’t wait to follow you on Insta and Twitter. Go get it!!!!!!

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