New Offerings…

Race #2 of 2015 done.


I haven’t been able to feel my legs since last Friday.  Still have the Movie Madness Half on my calendar for this upcoming Saturday in PA.  Clearly there was no visible calendar around when I pulled the trigger on that one.

I’ve decided I’m finally at a point with Sutton that I’m ready to actually use my ACE Personal Trainer certification.  This means only one thing- Sutton will stop sleeping through the night and being a happy baby.


I’m offering race planning, in-home personal training and nutrition coaching.  Whether you are local or not, you can still use my services to plan for your next race or plan for that new, healthier chapter in your life.

Why you should consider my race planning services before your next one?

Running is probably the cheapest and most innate form of exercise to undertake.  Even my 2 year old can run (pretty fast actually).


But what people forget is that running is just as much an art form as some of the most complicated sports.  You wouldn’t jump right into a gymnastics competition without first devoting MUCH time to practicing the fundamental movements, strengthening your core and perfecting form.  Running is no different.


Sure you can Google a Couch to 5K training plan, or use one of Hal Higdon’s half marathon plans; however, these are GENERIC plans for the masses created to get them across a finish line.  My plan will be assessment-based, not only providing running instruction, but nutrition and strengthening sessions to prevent injury, build endurance and educate you.  I guarantee I’ll take you much farther than one finish line.

You have a lot more potential than you’re tapping into by doing it alone!

Why should you consider my personal training services instead of the gym?

Don’t get me wrong… I work at a FABULOUS gym and love the friendships I have made and will continue to make there.  That support group is extremely important in your fitness and health journey.


With that being said, group exercise classes are limited in their results.  They are meant for the masses not catered to YOUR body.  When you’re a busy mama, don’t you want THE MOST efficient workout in your limited time?

I will develop personalized workout plans based on where you are and where you want to be.  Some people need to build their endurance, others need to strengthen their core.  Let me help you improve your imbalances.

I will come to you, or find a convenient place to make the workouts happen on your schedule!

Why should you use my nutrition coaching services?

Fitness in general is limited in its results.  Nutrition is KEY.


 Nutrition is what will KEEP the weight off, will KEEP you feeling energetic, will KEEP you glowing.  You won’t get a quick, 21-day fix, you won’t be asked to measure, calculate calories and pull your hair out.  Instead, I will give you the knowledge you need to incorporate “clean” eating into you and your family’s lifestyle.

Use the form to contact me when you’re ready for that next race or that next level of health!


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