Fuel Leading Up to Race Day

The Race 13.1 Half Marathon is only 3 weeks away.  Very excited to be racing so close to home and to be leading the pre-race warm up.  If you are headed to this race, come stretch with me beforehand!



Little Gentry!  And I would never take you through a sitting stretch pre-race, I just couldn’t find any other “stretchy” looking pictures.

So, what should you do leading up to race day?  

Unfortunately, I did some too early tapering last week because Justin broke our treadmill.  Ok, maybe I helped too.  One Saturday we totaled 28 miles on it.  Guess our residential brand wasn’t meant for that.

But, we got a Precor with a 5 speed motor.  The treadmill guru basically said if we break that, we aren’t meant to own a treadmill.

For a half marathon, you really only need to start tapering about 2 weeks out.  A that 2 week out point, you should reduce your mileage to about 66%.  It has also been recommended that you reduce your carb intake, due to the lower mileage.  One book I’m reading now even suggests doing this so it forces your body to start storing extra glycogen.  Again, check out THIS POST I wrote about not really needing to be too concerned about fueling for under 2 hour races (if your half will be that fast).

One week out, it has been recommended to reduce your mileage to 33% of what you were running and to pick back up on the carb intake on Days 5 and 4 our from the race.


Again, for a half marathon, you don’t need to carb load, but it never hurts to eat a few more sweet potatoes, right?  Marathoners (who have not been fat-fueling) should follow this rule and get about 70-80% of their calories from carbs on days 5 and 4 out from the race.

That big pasta dinner the night before the race, doesn’t actually do you any good.  It’s too late by then to add to those glycogen stores.  In fact, it’ll weigh you down.  Save that reward for post race.


 I’ve already touched on what to eat for fueling race day in THIS POST.

Back up a little bit to the fat-fueling comment I made above.  The latest trend with endurance athletes has been to teach your body to use fat vs carbs for energy.  Carbs are readily available and quickly converted to energy, but fats are actually your body’s first choice.  If you are interested in learning more about this topic, stay tuned!  Working on a post now!

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