Ever since I received my AASDN-Nutrition Specialist certification, I’ve been craving more knowledge.


I thought I wanted to go back to school and get some sort of post-graduate nutrition degree.  I thought I wanted to become a Registered Dietitian.  I thought I wanted to go work with people to overcome diseases and ailments through nutrition.  I was ready to commit the next 5+ years of my life going back to school and getting this done.

I looked up college program after college program.  I researched scope of practices for just about every “nutrition” title out there.  I wanted something that would give me the knowledge I needed to help people through nutrition.


And then I had a realization.  I didn’t want to TREAT sick persons, I wanted to PREVENT them from getting sick in the first place.

I had always heard about the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, but thought it was just some hyped up, expensive certification.  I had met several people that had gone through the program and loved it, just never thought it was for me.

But then, I started listening more and more to them, and thinking more and more about the reactive vs the proactive approach.  I took a sample class, I stalked them on just about every media outlet possible.  And I found HOLISTIC-NESS.


My definition of HOLISTIC-NESS, since I am pretty sure I just made up the word, is working towards happiness EVERYWHERE.  Even in bipolar toddlers and babies 😉

Because, think about it…

Very healthy eaters can still be unhappy.

Hard-core exercisers can still be overweight.

Successful business people can still feel like yuck.

HOLISTIC-NESS.  Getting it all on track.


Because clearly we got it all figured out right?!

And then, I signed up for the program.

I start May 11th and I could NOT be more excited to complete the Holistic Health Coach Program next May and share what I learn with my clients as I go.

*Disclaimer- Registered Dietitians are wonderful people doing AMAZING work.  They know their stuff medically, nutritionally, scientifically.  I would be thrilled to have that degree under my belt.   And may still go there one day.  For now, I know this approach is going to work better for my personal beliefs.

What do you think of the proactive vs reactive approach?

Speaking of HOLISTIC-NESS… these ladies start so soon!  Woot woot!


Not too late to join!  Comment below if interested, or if you just have something fun to say!

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