Fitness Coaching

Training for an upcoming race?

Want a personal trainer outside of the gym on your time schedule?

Just too stinkin’ tired of life’s duties and need someone to tell you what to do to get healthy?

I got that.

I specialize in working with women who may feel overwhelmed with adding fitness or altering their eating habits to their already hectic life.  I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, an AASDN-Certified Nutrition Specialist, currently working on my Precision Nutrition certification.  Oh, and a mom of two.


As crazy as life is, be the best mom you can for as long as you can by adding healthy habits to you and your family’s life.

What you can expect with me:

Not just a workout, but nutrition guidance.  Exercise alone doesn’t do it- they’re a pair.  I’ll show you how to harmonize these two.

Not a generic 21-day fix, but an individualized plan that fits into your schedule and that produces lifetime results.

No containers or calorie-counting, but evidence-based nutrition advice catered to your family’s lifestyle that you can implementDay 1.

Baby-steps, pardon the pun.  I meet you where you are, see where you want to be and give you the sequence of steps, guidance and support that WILL get you there.

The Process

 Expect an initial interview, followed by an action plan.

Expect check-ins, based on the initial interview, outside of the workout sessions.

Expect nutrition coaching sessions independent of workouts.

Expect that I will make this fit into your schedule and multi-tasking lifestyle.


If you are local, I offer in-house (or near-house) training sessions throughout the day.

If you are not, I offer coaching via FaceTime, emails and phone calls.


I look forward to helping you find that waistline, tone that tush,  and raise a strong, healthy family.

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