37 Weeks Pregnant

This week marks week numero 37 in baby #2’s development.  And since numero 36, this chica has been giving me a run for my money.




I NEVER want to complain about being pregnant because I am SO grateful and thankful we have been blessed not only once, but twice with the loves of our lives.  And, I have had probably the easiest two pregnancies, until this point, known to mankind.  So, go ahead and slap the computer screen as I explain this last week, which probably is what most of you preggo ladies have been experiencing for 10 months!

Monday this girl DROPPED.  She dropped LOW.  So low that my 80,000 visits to the restroom a day turned into about 888,888,888.  But, I still felt great and definitely had an appetite.  Tuesday night I went to bed only to wake up around 2AM with fever chills.  Fever chills that forced me to miss going to the water park for G’s birthday but rather lay on the couch the entire day, curled up in a ball.



I probably just drank 2 cups of OJ and a few of water.  Literally no food was able to enter my body until around 6PM when I started to see a glimpse of hope.

I went to bed feeling a little better and woke up Thursday feeling like nothing happened.  So, what did I do?  Hopped in the car at 6AM and headed to the DCAC Fitness Conference in DC to get my Barre certification.  Normal right?!

Normal until we pulled into the parking lot and that entire day of not eating/drinking caught up with me as I felt a cramp coming on.  This cramp grew with intensity throughout the day until I was forced to just sit and take notes while everyone else was up actually experiencing Leslee Bender’s barre class.

I think Leslee felt so bad for me/ didn’t want me to go into labor on her watch, that she gave me a signed Bender Ball for Baby Girl.




The drive home was a miserable 2.5 hours (not the company, just the drive) and I immediately slid into bed when I walked through the door at 8:30PM.

Still no food.

Friday I woke up feeling great, so I went to my Y’s Cardio/Strength class and we planned a trip to The Daily Kitchen and Shyndigz (duh) to make up for all the calories I’d been missing earlier in the week.  I was THE LAST person in cardio/strength to cross the finish line (those women were hardcore) and THE FIRST going to the bathroom every 10 minutes.  Baby Girl definitely slapped me in the face with a “Yes, you’re pregnant.”

Of course, as we got to the first restaurant that night, I started feeling those chills AGAIN and could barely finish 1 cookie, which is HIGHLY unlike me.




Gentry had no problem finishing off that cookie for me.  And sidebar- she now says CHEESE in every picture.  Which makes for some awkward looking mouth positions… just saying.


That night and the following nights I’ve continued to get body aches and chills at exactly 6:45PM.  What is going on?!?!

Please tell me this is a sign baby is coming sooner rather than later.

Like I said, this is MINOR discomfort in comparison to everyone else in the world, but just thought I’d share.

So here is to Week 37…




a week of weird eating- I’m still craving pickles and eggs

a week of not working out- ok so I probably can’t promise that, but I can promise that HIIT is turning into walks with the pup, for my bladder’s sake

a week of mad nesting- cabinets, closets, freezer meals and bathrooms, WATCH OUT.

And to leave on a happier, less complaining note… check out what I’ve ordered myself for post-baby times from Albion Fit.  I figured I technically don’t deserve a “push present” since I’m getting a c-section, and not that Justin would buy me one anyways, so I helped myself 😉


You’re jealous 😉

Next post I promise to write about my Barre certification… learned a lot and have had time to reflect on what was said… plus who wants to read about me complaining anyways!


What were your biggest discomforts during pregnancy?

Anybody else experiencing these 6 hour fevers?


7 thoughts on “37 Weeks Pregnant

    • bemomstrong says:

      I’ve felt fine since I posted this but am asking the dr tomorrow AM when I go in.
      This is my first time ordering from them but from the blogging world they seem great. I will keep you posted Sue!

  1. milesandblessings says:

    What did the doctor say? That is a strange thing…my guess is labor is coming :)!!!!! Such cute clothes….I have never heard of Albion. I love to pick out my gifts and then show my husband what he bought me :). I thought of another name…Rowan…has anyone said that yet. Whenever I hear different and cute names I think of you :)!

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Ugh- not fun at all! I had cramping every night for a week before this one was born (so weird) but none of the chills you described or weird appetite thing. You’re so close now- hope you have a much better week!

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